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ALL CDs SEK 130 ( approx. Euro 14 / USD 18 / 12 ) if not otherwise stated

nosag CD 209 Duo Pránky: Sagvik - Vägar leder... SEK 130:-
nosag CD 2200Stellan Sagvik - Complete Piano Music (with Stefan Lindgren - 2CDs) SEK 180:-
nosag CD 003Chamber Music I by Stellan Sagvik SEK 100:-
nosag CD 004Chamber Music II by Stellan Sagvik SEK 100:-
nosag CD 005Choral Music by Stellan Sagvik SEK 100:-
nosag CD 008After the Passion, Music from Song of Songs by Stellan Sagvik SEK 130:-
nosag CD 009Our church burnt... Music to the burnt & rebuilt Katarina Church SEK 130:-
nosag CD 011Four Films Forchestra, orchestral pieces by Stellan Sagvik SEK 130:-
nosag CD 017Missa Maria Magdalena, Mass with big orchestra by Stellan Sagvik
(also available from our Special Items Shop )
(New Release nosag CD 137)
SEK 100:-
nosag CD2028Stellan Sagvik - landskap (2CDs, Single Price) SEK 130:-
nosag CD 029KINGA PRÁDA, Kingám SEK 130:-
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Saturday Afternoon Concert
SEK 130:-
nosag CD 092FIM - Music for Joy 2003 SEK 100:-
nosag CD 099FIM - Music for Joy 2004 SEK 100:-
nosag CD 137STELLAN SAGVIK - Missa Maria Magdalena SEK 130:-
nosag CD 169Stellan Sagvik - Passion Plays SEK 100:-
nosag CD 170Stellan Sagvik - Chamber Music 3 SEK 100:-
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nosag CD 171Stellan Sagvik - Chamber Music 4 SEK 100:-
nosag CD 172Stellan Sagvik - Chamber Music 5 SEK 100:-
nosag CD 174Stellan Sagvik - Chamber & Cathedral SEK 100:-
nosag CD 175Stellan Sagvik - Orchestrala Manoeverar 1 SEK 100:-
nosag CD 176Stellan Sagvik - Orchestrala Manoeverar 2 SEK 100:-
nosag CD 179Stellan Sagvik - Fairy Tale Operas SEK 100:-
nosag CD 182Stellan Sagvik - First Four String Quartets SEK 100:-
nosag CD 183Stellan Sagvik - Symphonies 1-3 SEK 100:-
nosag CD 184Stellan Sagvik - Music for Flute SEK 100:-
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