nosagcdvd 9250 - 8CDs - 1 DVDrom

A nine discs Box containing orchestral versions, that is; without vocals, of 8 complete Chamber Operas
by Swedish composer Stellan Sagvik, performed by eminent instrumental ensembles.

You can use them as singback for producing stage versions of the pieces, free to use for free opera ensembles and for yourself at home.
Also included a DVD with all PDF-scores, orchestral parts, vocal midi demos and some bonuses to inspire future stage realizations.

Complete orchestral score recordings (without voices)
of eight Chamber OPERAS:
* 1.   Förlorade i molnen/Lost in the Clouds CD1+CD2 (46' + 39')= 85'
* 2.   En natt i maj/A Night in May CD2 = 36'29
* 3.   Morminne CD3 = 41’25
¤ 4.   Läppar och tunga/Lips and Tongue CD3 = 31' 03
* 5.   Ödesspegeln/Mirror of Fate CD4 = 72’45
* 6.   Anna Månsdotter CD5+CD6 (67' + 38') = 105'
# 7.   OI CD7 = 46'50
^ 8.   Befrielse/Liberation CD8 = 47’43
446' = 7t
* European Recording Orchestra, ERO, Sofia, Bulgaria, dir: Nikola Petrov
¤ Greek Fragrance Ensemble ~ vocal: Margaretha Melz, dir: Stellan Sagvik
# Gentile Quartet, dir: Stellan Sagvik
^ Duo Pránky

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