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an independent music company - nosag records - founded 1989. The profile is Janus: Contemporary music and Choir music, but also a platform for artists and composers to spread their music. The company can help with phonogram production at all levels from planning via recording, editing, writing, layouting, to CD releases. nosag records has always several productions on schedule for the coming year, many of them are joint ventures.

nosag records is owned by and managed by Swedish composer

Stellan Sagvik (read interview),

please visit his home page in Swedish, or in English, promoting his own music and visit also a great number of Sweden´s finest artists and choirs as well as guest musicians from abroad, find musical linx and Swedish connections on the nosag net.

Several ”odd” or ”risky” productions have been created by nosag records. If you are looking for something you won´t find in the mainstream shop; if you want to explore something new, or unconventional turns of the established; contact us. At the same time you are supporting the world of plenitude and variation.

Our releases cover most musical genres, from "world music", folklore and jazz to big masses with orchestra, contemporary chamber music and orchestral pieces, artist´s portraits, choir ”goodies”, classics and soundscapes.

Please check our catalogue. You are welcome to order CDs directly from us via our Web page, e-mail or fax, at very good prices, of course. If you want to order many copies of the same title, please contact our distributor Naxos Sweden.

Welcome into the no sag world of music.

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nosag records
gustav adolfsv 41A
se-141 32 huddinge - sweden
phone +46 8 5592 3392
Contact: mail@nosag.se

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