nosagcd 092 - MUSIK TILL GLÄDJE 2003 /
/ MUSIC FOR JOY 2003 (FIM CD 03-1)

"Musik till glädje 2003", a unique recording where all the benefit goes to the Swedish help organisation Lutherhjälpen and their project in Ethiopia, supporting planting of new crops, educating women not to get AIDS and watering plans.

The rich, almost 80 minutes filled CD contains the debut of young talented pianist Karin Haglund and also the great soprano Anna Lindkvist. The flutist Kinga Práda and an Ensemble from Music School Lilla Akademien completes this interesting production containing music by Peterson-Berger, Grieg, von Koch, Rodius, Sagvik, Seymer, Rodriguez, Debussy, Ibèrt, Franck & Schubert.

This CD is produced in collaboration with Mats Rodius and FIM, Föreningen Ideell Musik (The Society for Idealistic Music), working with collecting support money to different help projects all around the world.

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Ibèrt: from "Entr´acte"

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CONTENTS: The Music on "Musik till glädje 2003" nosag CD092:

1Claude Debussy: Syrinx2´44
(Kinga Práda, flute)
2Fryxell / Dahlgren: Värmlandsvisan 3´41
(Anna Lindkvist, sopran)
3Wilhelm Seymer: Solöga3´25
(Karin Haglund, piano)
4César Franck: Panis Angelicus3´40
(Anna Lindkvist, sopran Karin Haglund, piano - Kinga Práda, flute)
5Erland von Koch: Marcia Popular1´30
(flute ensemble from Lilla Akademien)
Wilhelm Peterson-Berger: ur Frösöblomster
(Karin Haglund, piano)
8Lawn tennis 2´36
9Till rosorna 3´28
10Gratulation 3´39
11Trad. arr Lindqvist: Uti din nåd2´54
(Anna Lindkvist, sopran)
12Mats Rodius: Världssamfundet2´32
(fluteensemble from Lilla Akademien)
13Franz Schubert: Ave Maria5´58
(Anna Lindkvist, sopran - Karin Haglund, piano)
14Stellan Sagvik: Azúur3´29
(flute / guitar ensemble from Lilla Akademien)
15E Grieg: Bryllupsdag på Troldhaugen6´28
(Karin Haglund, piano)
16Stellan Sagvik: Mars (from "Solar Plexus")2´19
(Kinga Práda, flute)
17Mats Rodius: Kristi medlidande3´57
(fluteensemble from Lilla Akademien)
Edward Grieg: Lyriske Stykker III Op 43
(Karin Haglund, piano)
18Sommerfugl 2´13
19Ensom vandrer 1´58
20I hjemmet 2´04
21Liden fugl 1´57
22Erotik 2´50
23Til foraeret 3´25
24Rodriguez /Afzelius: Sång till friheten2´53
(Anna Lindkvist, sopran)
25Jaques Ibèrt: Entr´act4´04
(Alica Tserkovnaja 15 years, flute, Felix Kierebinski 14 years, guitar)
durata 79´32

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