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New Swedish Flute music, played by one astonnishing young artist Kinga Práda together with virtuoso partners like percussionist Markus Leoson, pianist Ilona Jánky and Filarmonica de Cluj. We are here offered new music by four great Swedish composers - B Tommy Andersson, Tommie Haglund, Martin Larson and Stellan Sagvik. The pieces are world premiere recordings and the CD contains almost 80 minutes very varied music - from flute solo via different chamber music constallations to an amazing Concerto for flute and strings.

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S Sagvik: from Kingám for flute and percussion

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MusicWeb-International: CD of the month "Here is a real cracker! And I don’t primarily allude to Kinga Práda as cover girl of this CD but rather to her fantastic playing and her choice of music. (---) Look at that cover picture – that’s what the music is like: beautiful and classically elegant as Kinga Práda but relaxed and inviting and in a setting that is just as contrasting, mysterious and full of unexplored possibilities as the wild nature surrounding her. Marvellous music. (---) Don’t you feel like following Kinga on an expedition through "the undiscover’d country from whose bourn each traveller returns" uplifted, renewed? The musical sceneries to which she will guide you are full of surprises, beauty, rhythms, changes, meditation – always alive, always thrilling, like life itself! In plain English: Recommended to anyone except the tone-deaf. "

Sequenza21: "Prada is an excellent performer. Her playing is fluid and precise. She also possesses a unique, sharp tone that serves her particularly well on this CD as she’s almost constantly being accompanied by percussion. Despite the ubiquity of percussion, the best piece on the disc pairs the flute with the marimba. This piece, Martin Larson’s “Boughs” gives Prada some lyrical lines to float on top of dense, dark textures from the marimba. The music builds nicely as the melody explores the harmonic environment. The other highlight of the CD is Sagvik’s “Solar Plexus” on which we finally get to hear Prada alone. The piece, composed of 11 episodes each with a planetary theme, falls flat at points, but serves Prada well."


1S SagvikKingám, flute and percussion09:06
2 T Haglund Fragile, flute and percussion 03:05
3 S Sagvik Vampire State Building, flute and piano08:16
4 M LarsonBoughs, flute and marimba11:14
5 S SagvikFlute Concerto #1, flute and strings14:19
6 B T Andersson Impromptu, flute and vibes04:31
7-17 S Sagvik Solar Plexus, flute solo24:31
18 S SagvikNocturne, flute and vibes04:50
Total time 79:40

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