- Farväl Astrid / Farewell Astrid

Astrid Lindgren, the world famous author of children´s books and stories for all people, died in 2002. Her funeral was shown at Swedish television and the cathedral of Stockholm was over filled with people wanting to say their last goodbye to a very beloved story teller and a person that also became the sound mind of all Swedes. She was an idol for many, many people with her often strong and well put views on events in society, politics and among people. This CD contains the very solemn and beautiful music that was performed during the funeral and is a memorable gem for everybody with some kind of relation to the famous and dearly admired Astrid Lindgren.

Håkan Martinsson, organ
Jeanette Köhn, sopran
Kinga Práda, flute
Iréne Lindh, song
Margareta Strömstedt, song
Storkyrkan Choir
dirigent: Gustaf Sjökvist

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trad: Gammal fäbodpsalm

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Kammarmusik-Nytt: "This is the closes nation mourning you will get in Sweden - the death of beloved writer Astrid Lindgren. This CD tells about the atmospheare of grief on the day of the memorial ceremony in the Cathedral of Stockholm and in the whole of the Old Town of Stockholm."


1. Ledmotiv ur Bröderna Lejonhjärta (Björn Isfält, arr: Håkan Martinsson) 4´48
2. Gammal fäbodpsalm (arr: Anders Öhrwall) 4´17
3. Sov alla (G Riedel, text: Astrid Lindgren, arr: Håkan Martinsson) 4´45
4. Bred dina vida vingar (arr: Anders Öhrwall) 2´53
5. Tröstevisa (Benny Andersson, arr: Jerker Leijon) 2´49
6. Var är den vän (Koral från Malung, text: JO Wallin, arr: Anders Nyberg) 2´01
7. Det finns djup i Herrens godhet (Lars Egebjer) 3´57
8. Över skogen, över sjön (A.F. Lindblad) 2´33
9. Hjärtats blomma (C.J.L.Almqvist) 1´53
10. Alla ska sova (Georg Riedel, text: Astrid Lindgren, arr: Håkan Martinsson) 1´48
11. Det finns djup i Herrens godhet (SvPs285, text: Britt G Hallqvist) 2´52
12. Du går icke ensam (C.J.L.Almqvist) 1´12
13. Härlig är jorden (SvPs297. text: BS Ingemann, C Bååth-Holmberg) 2´34
14. Fattig bonddräng / (Georg Riedel, arr: Håkan Martinsson)
/ I en djup oändlig skog (O Ahnfelt, text: C O Rosenius)
totaltid: 50´36

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