The virtuoso Duo Pránky - Kinga Práda, flute and Emese Jánky, cello - explores the mystery of the flute embracing the cello - playing music from all times in a time when all tidings gather and decay simultaneously - two sounds broadened and enriched by two curious playfulls, to open opportunity to the listening’s fearless ways!

Vägar leder.../Roads leading... Music by Swedish composer Stellan Sagvik  -   a dreamy game of emotions and responsive - a flute sound with breathing and trembling expression that meets the profond color of string’s vibrations - where does the road lead?

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Sagvik: Vågen / Wave


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1. Samling 5'36 Gathering
2. I rörelsen 3’51 In the Movement
3. Vokalia 2’57 Vocalia
4. Fångad flykt 2’12 Captured Flight
5. Parallell dröm 3’07 Parallel Dream
6. Dansal 2’09 Dansal
7. Re-flexion 1’46 Re-flexion
8. Uppgiven - hör 1’44 Stated - Hear
9. Pulsarer 2’46 Pulsars
10. Avlövad och tyst 1’43 Leafless and Quiet
11. Glasbrottet 3’02 Glass fracture
12. Sorgfågel 2’53 Sorrowbird
13. Skörheter 1’06 Fragilities
14. Vankelhet 1’53 Irresolute
15. Bön 4’28 Prayer
16. Varsebli 1’46 Perceive
17. Visande 0’47 Spiritwise
18. Vågen 3’46 Wave
  durata 47:40
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