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The contents of these CD series is planned to cover all music written by Swedish composer Stellan Sagvik. Sagvik’s music is expressive and connected to the freetone style that has had a relatively prominent status in Swedish music, even during more modernist periods. There are also possible traces of Russian influences, at times with a stylistic proximity to Shostakovich. Sagvik’s music is not always simple or simplified, but its harsher sides are anchored in a narrative bedrock that renders it nonetheless accessible.

Sagvik is a high-calibre Jack of all trades and, as he says, a “utilitarian composer”, which in an art music context can almost be considered provocative. The fact remains that Sagvik’s music is explicitly musicant and written with instrumentalists and audience communication in mind. From his hand came more than 200 pieces, from solo flute bagatelles to three hour opera, big orchestral pieces as well as small one minute songs, all with the same skill, humour, communicative approach and open mind. Welcome to join a rare musical journey with Stellan Sagvik´s inimitable and personal musical output.

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THESE ARE DOCUMENTARY RECORDINGS and may have some spots and imperfections, but the aim is to give an idea of a rich composing output - not perfection ;-)

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Kom och spring barfota from Annaca

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music by contemporary Swedish composer Stellan Sagvik


1 Passion from "En natt i maj" 5´12
for Baritone and String Quartet ~ text: the composer
Ulf Lundmark, Stockholm String Quartet
for Mezzo, clarinet, cello and piano
Ingrid Tobiasson, Per Billman, Mats Rondin, Bengt Forsberg
2 Inbillning 2´07
3 Uppriktighet 3´54
4 Blygsel 2´40
5 Hat 2´14
6 Höst 1´01
7 Försvinna 3´28
8 Le Chien Mal-en-point 8´54
for Soprano, clarinet, trombone, cello, piano and percussion
Ingela Berglund, KammarensembleN, dir Ansgar Krook
9 Vokalis 2´19
for Soprano and small organ
Bodil Lundblad, Sigvard Selinus
for Bass, alto flute and guitar
Johan Schinkler, Mats Möller, Magnus Andersson
10 Jag älskar 1´42
11 Ser du dig i spegeln 2´05
12 Älskar kärleken 2´42
13 Det lindrar ju 1´16
14 Jag ringde till en vän 2´31
for Mezzo, Tenor, Wind Quintet, String Quintet, Percussion
Ingrid Tobiasson, Carl Unander- Scharin, KammarensembleN, dir Ansgar Krook
15 Din och min 4´01
16 Kom och spring barfota i gräset 2´09
17 Jag väntade 2´20
18 Övergiven 2´43
19 En av oss 5´21
20 Du tog en gång mitt i dina händer 3´21
21 När jag ännu trodde 1´31
22 Urtidsklippan 3´23
23 För att kunna samtala 1´56
total 69´01

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