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This is a very special double CD with music and hear-plays by Swedish composer Stellan Sagvik - It is based on Swedish folklore tunes from different parts of Sweden, played by a solo wind instrument and strings, but it is NOT arrangements, more a contemporary comment with the old material twisted and turned and interluded with sound scapes from different times and places - 18th century harbours, town squares of today and yesterday, water dripping mines, birdsong glens, steps on old stairs and shoot-outs outside the restaurant.
A kind of ear journey, with a light joke attitude eye.

As one of the musicians put it: "This is NOT folklore, this is NOT contemporary classical, this is NOT arrangements, this is NOT eam , this is a bloody sallad!"

The 138 minutes CD is filled with great artists from Sweden and Transylvania (soloists and strings from Filarmonica de Cluj and Stockholm String Ensemble), and the composer is conducting.

You need Real Audio to listen to these files:
From Bohuslania Concertino
From Norrbottnisk Concertino
From Trrr

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THE CRITICS: "This is an unusual double CD with music by Swedish composer Stellan Sagvik based on folklore tunes from different parts of Sweden, punctuated by atmospheric sound pictures, the whole making a delightful amalgam and - so important to Musical Pointers - a unique compilation of attractive inventions by an attractively fluent and eclectic composer. (---) It is mostly genial and ingenious music; easy listening but not simplistic. The craftmanship of Britten comes to mind now and again; the horn concertino sounds close to his Serenade. The idiom of this composer is never abrasive, nor is it too bland. (---) Each concertino is characterful and they should be sought out by students building their repertoires. A group of them would be ideal for a music college/academy student concert. Recommended as well worth seeking out. The taped interludes will certainly bring you smiles. (PGW) " "A quirky and engaging collection of music by that remarkable figure Stellan Sagvik. (---) The core of this two CD set consists of Sagvik’s sequence, 10 Swedish concertini. Each concertino is in three movements and all of them are unfailingly beguiling – tuneful, elegant, with a few acerbic touches that leave one in no doubt as to the quality of Sagvik’s musical imagination and technique. This is not cosily nostalgic or superficially pictorial music.
There is some attractive jazz-inflected writing in the Närkisk Concertino; there’s some charming melodic writing in the Skånsk Concertino and some brilliantly brassy writing and playing in the Sörmländsk Concertino. The Trioconcertino is full of delightful instrumental interplay and the sureness of Sagvik’s knowledge and touch is evident in his thoroughly idiomatic writing for the tuba, bassoon and trombone as soloists in their miniature concertos. Everywhere the writing for strings is lucidly imaginative. A number of these concertinos deserve to enter the repertoire of other soloists. (---)
I recommend this heartily – both for the quality of several of the concertinos and for the wit and imagination evident in every aspect of the presentation of the whole package."


CD 1 total: 70'55
Skånelåtsgästabud (1997) Martin Sammelman, folk fiddle
1   2´20 Tunes from Lyby and Bonderup

Skånsk Concertino (1982) Kinga Práda, flute, strings from Filarmonica de Cluj
2   2´11 tune after Lasse Nilsson, Lyby
3   4´01 tune after Ola Nilsson Lans, Sjörup
4   4´01 tune after Anders Jeppsson, Bonderup

Blekingsk Concertino (1982) Adriana Suciu, oboe, strings from Filarmonica de Cluj
5   3´12 tune after Alfred Petersson, Nättraby
6   2´34 tune after Hans Holger Pålsson, Vambåsa
7   2´08 tune after Alfred Petersson, Nättraby

Västkustskt epos (1997) Marie Axelsson, folk fiddle
8   2´31 Tunes from Liane and tradition

Bohuslänsk Concertino (1982) Alexandru Marc, horn, strings from Filarmonica de Cluj
9     3´33 tune after Niklas Larsson, Liane
10   3´33 traditional tune
11   4´17 tune after Johan August Nilsson, Munkedal

Närkisk Concertino (1983) Jörgen Pettersson, altsax, string quintet from Stockholm String Ensemble
12   3´57 tune after Johan Fredrik Grönkvist, Svinnersta & Spel-Petter Persson, Körtingstorp
13   4´07 tune after Erik August Sellin, Norra Holmtorp & Erik Linus Danielsson, Hasta
14   2´44 tune after Carl Viktor Rulin, Folketorp

Sörmländsk Concertino (1983) Gabriel Posdarescu, trumpet, strings from Filarmonica de Cluj
15   3´12 tune after Klockare Alin, Västerhaninge
16   4´41 tune after Karl Gustav Axelsson, Flodafors
17   2´04 tune after Gustaf Persson, Lilla Mellösa

Rondâné (1976) Konkret Buchla, tape
18   15´43 tune after its own right

CD 2 total: 67'09
Stadsladdning (2006) 1   0´47 tune after the pizzeria visit

Trioconcertino (1983) Kinga Práda, flute - Nils-Erik Sparf, viola -
Jakob Henriques, guitar string quintet from Stockholm String Ensemble
2   7´16 Sagvikska teman from the opera Ödesspegeln,
3   6´36 chamber music piece Volapyk, Tältresarna´s
4   2´27 play Welcome to Sweden and Musikgruppen RAA´s tune Bert´s song

Uppländsk Concertino (1982) Liviu Gocan, clarinet, strings from Filarmonica de Cluj
5   2´44 tune after Vilhelm Gelotte, Älvkarleby
6   3´18 tune after Karl Johan Haglund, Svartsjö
7   3´07 tune after Per Fredrik Lundqvist, Söderberga

The sheep a little wet in the rain (2006)
8   1´21 tune after rain comes the WOLF

Värmländsk Concertino (1983) Kristian Karlstedt, tuba, string quintet from Stockholm String Ensemble
9     3´00 tune after Per Löf, Loffstrand
10   4´22 tune after Jan Calsa, Björkåsberg
11   2´51 tune after Casper på Vallen, Munkerud

Ångermanländsk Concertino (1982) Orlando Corabian, bassoon, strings from Filarmonica de Cluj
12   3´00 tune after Martin Mattsson, Tåsjö
13   4´48 tune after H Nilsson, Lidgatu & Spel-Källman, Graninge
14   1´46 tune after Emil Nilsson, Geresta

Step by step (2006)
15   3´02 three pieces before going to bed

Norrbottnisk Concertino (1983) Narcis Vieru, trombone, strings from Filarmonica de Cluj
16   2´11 tune after Per Nilsson Päiviö, Kuttainen
17   4´39 tune after Ida Alatalo, Kätkäsuando & Hugo Wikström, Övertorneå
18   2´20 tune after Karl Viktor Burman, Hundsjö

Trrr (1977) Konkret Buchla, tape
19   7´26 from the chamber opera Morminne

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