nosagcd 008 - AFTER THE PASSION

Sacred music for voices, organ, string quartet & choir, by Swedish composer Stellan Sagvik; Shakespeare text ; "My Mistress’ Eyes", Swedish poems to music; "...amandi", a great Song Cycle with words from Song of Songs "Canticum Szeretni Canticum", and a short, amazing choral piece; "abri" ( these four excerpts in mp3 format available from the composer´s homepage).

Margaretha Melz, Mezzo;
Carl Unander-Scharin, Tenor (also on nosag CD 005);
Ulf Lundmark, Baritone;
Ralph Gustafsson, organ (also on nosag CD:s 005 & 017);
Stockholmskvartetten (also on nosag CD:s 003 & 004);
Hägersten Motet Choir
(also on nosag CD:s 002, 006, 007, 012, 013)
conductor: Gustaf Sjökvist

You need Real Audio to listen to this file:
Sagvik: from Szeretni Canticum, I am coming
[ 909 Kb, good mono quality ]

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KMT:"A pleasant lyrical undertone, delightful frasing, with terrific feeling for sensitive and dramatic interplay with special nerve!"

Gränslöst:"An extraordinaily sterling contribution, filled with sesualism, totally different from the diluted platitude of the new Book of Hymns!"


1. abrí (Sagvik)3´55
Choir a c ('92)

2. My Mistress´ Eyes (Shakespeare)10´40
Tenor & organ ('93)

3. ... amandi15´35
(texts by A Rydstedt C Andersson,
L Gustafsson, G Sonnevi,
B Anderberg, S Sagvik)
Baryton & string quartet ('92)

4. Canticum Szeretni Canticum 48’35
(text from Song of Songs)
Mezzo & organ, Tenor & string quartet (-93)
I. Min vän6´00
II. Vad du är skön3’00
III. Lik en gasell5´05
IV. Vad du är skön3’20
V. Jag låg och sov8´05
VI. Ja, jag kommer3´45
VII. Vakna upp4’05
VIII. Vad du är skön7’20
IX. Kärleken är stark7’55
total: 78´45

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