nosagcd 013- FAREWELL

The last Concert with Hägersten Motet Choir 13th of May 1995. Music from 30 years of singing: Martin, Poulenc, Sandström, Bach, Hedar, Nyberg, Bagge, Nörgård, Olsson, Stenhammar, Åhlén

Hägersten Motet Choir, conductor: Ingemar Månsson
(also on nosag CD:s 002, 006, 007, 008, 012)

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Bagge: Sommarpsalm [ 182 Kb, good mono quality ]

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Körsång: "Filled with feelings is the Last Concert - Avskedskonserten - the 461:st concert... Favourites from 30 years of choral work, where Ingemar Månsson also gave us music we "...didn’t know you wanted to hear"."


1.Alta trinita beata (trad)2’43
2.Frank Martin: Kyrie ur Mässa6’39
3.Francis Poulenc: Gloria & Sanctus ur Mässa G5’36
4.Sven-David Sandström: Agnus Dei5’12
5.Anders Nyberg: l denna ljuva sommartid3’05
6.Martin Bagge/H Martinson: Sommarpsalm2’22
7.Josef Hedar/V Ekelund: Musik3’24
8.Per Nørgaard/Piet Hein: Du skal plante et træ2’20
9.J.S. Bach: Singet dem Herrn12’59
10.Ingemar Månssons tacktal5’30
11.Otto Olsson: Rex Gloriosoc2’20
12.W Stenhammar/Jacobsen: I seraillets have2’45
13.David Åhlén: Sommarpsalm2’47
total: 61’25

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