- Johan Berke Upstairs Five plays Weather Report

This album is a major departure from my usual output of mostly original music with this group, documented on ten releases since 2004 on the GasonJAZZ label, and in one case, on the Phono Suecia label (SCOPE - Music by Fredrik Nordström and Johan Berke - for tentet, 2009).

Here we are tackling the immortal music of Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter and Jaco Pastorius, in arrangements for sextet by myself (tracks 1, 3, 4, 7, 10 & 11) and Fredrik Nordström (tracks 2, 6 & 8).

It feels quite natural to play this music, since we all have a long relation with these compositions, and stylistically it doesn’t deviate too far either from what we normally play as the Upstairs Five, since we have written the arrangements specifically for the members of this line-up who are used to play my, not always so easy, compositions.

I’ve also included two short compositions for solo acoustic guitar, as I usually do on all my recordings. These are the “Meteorological Interludes” referred to in the title. I dedicate these two pieces to Ralph Towner, who made a guest appearance on the intro of “The Moors” from Weather Report’s album “I Sing The Body Electric” from 1972.

The drawing for the cover, by artist Nina Grönroos, is a tip of the hat to the cover of “Sweetnighter”, a 1973 release by Weather Report.

We all have had a grand time playing these classics by three giants in the field of small group jazz composition.

Johan Berke, October 2018 

The line-up on this recording contains
Niklas Barnö Trumpet
Fredrik Nordström Tenor & Baritone Saxophone
Alberto Pinton Baritone & Soprano saxophone, Clarinet & Bass Clarinet
Johan Berke Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Robert Erlandsson Bass
Fredrik Rundqvist Drums


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1 Cannon Ball (J Zawinul, arr J Berke) 9:33
2 Three Views Of A Secret (J Pastorius, arr F Nordström) 6:01
3 Birdland (J Zawinul, arr J Berke) 8:49
4 Havona (J Pastorius, arr J Berke) 8:12
5 Meteorological Interlude no 2 (J Berke) 1:21
6 Harlequin (W Shorter, arr F Nordström) 6:56
7 Elegant People (W Shorter, arr J Berke) 8:08
8 Badia (J Zawinul, arr F Nordström) 7:47
9 Meteorological Interlude no 1 (J Berke) 1:23
10 Three Clowns (W Shorter, arr J Berke) 5:43
11 Palladium (W Shorter, arr J Berke) 10:36
total time 74:36

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