GASON cd 705 - den tatuerade reportern

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The Reporter travels in a balloon over Barent´s Sea just to cover a Bach tribute concert at a nuke submarine base, he sends reports from the freedom-longing bassoonists´ international motorcycle convent, covers abusive ox-whip music evenings in Buenos Aires... and much more The Tattooed Reporter is a hear play in tewlve separate parts where specially composed music is cooked together with strange and adventurous stories from all corners of the world. (It is in Swedish!)
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Håkan Trygger, bass
Tomas Hallonsten, trumpet
Johan Berke, guitars
and lots of friends

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trygger,hallonsten,berke: Winnipeg

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Kammarmusik-Nytt: "This is definitely NOT chambermusic. It is a hearplay with specially composed music."

HiFi&Musik: "At first I just shook my head. What is this stupidity? But I could not stop listening! I HAD TO find out what happened. In tweleve stories we follow the reporter around the world in the most amazing, astonnishing adventures, often to do with music. But: Is it theatre, music or what? So What! The music is simply perfectly fitting the stories."


1 Ballongen 6´53
2 Winnipeg 5´20
3 Jakarta5´02
4 Buenos Aires 4´21
5 Mongoliet 5´45
6 Berlin 5´08
7 Fresken 5´55
8 Belgrad 5´35
9 Japan 5´19
10 Paris 4´27
11 Mississippi 5´58
12 Jamaica 5´40
Total: 65´23

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