- Cecilia Jonshult & Johan Berke

This CD is the result of a longtime collaboration between the singer & composer Cecilia Jonshult (b.1967) and the guitarist / arranger & composer Johan Berke (b.1966). The centerpiece is a suite of poems by Nils Ferlin (1898-1961), set to music by Lille Bror Söderlundh (1912-1957) and in new musical arrangements by Johan Berke. This suite is framed of some original compositions by the duo together with two old folksongs of which one, the last piece of the CD, Legenden om St:a Magdalena, is of medieval origin. Frequent Johan Berke-collaborator, guitarist & composer Barry Cleveland, also contributes to one of the pieces with a soundscape (tape). Scenes from the past is a thematic journey through shifting musical landscapes.

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Jonshult: Scener ur det förgångna
Berke / Söderlundh: Intrens / Inte ens

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1 Det for två vita duvor (trad.) 4:03
2 Lämmeltågspolskan (Cecilia Jonshult) 3:02
3 Scener ur det förgångna (Cecilia Jonshult) 7:29
4 En broder (Ausencia) (Goran Bregovic - svensk text Cecilia Jonshult) 7:00
5 Vilse (Lille Bror Söderlundh - Nils Ferlin) 2:00
6 Här kommer ett skepp (Lille Bror Söderlundh - Nils Ferlin) 1:36
7 När skönheten kom till byn (Lille Bror Söderlundh - Nils Ferlin) 4:50
8 Får jag lämna några blommor (Lille Bror Söderlundh - Nils Ferlin) 3:10
9 Till Jeremy Brett (Johan Berke) 2:01
10 En valsmelodi (Lille Bror Söderlundh - Nils Ferlin) 4:20
11 En liten konstnär (Lille Bror Söderlundh - Nils Ferlin) 3:09
12 Intrens (Johan Berke) / Inte ens — (Lille Bror Söderlundh - Nils Ferlin) 3:27
13 Vid diktens port (Barry Cleveland, Johan Berke - Nils Ferlin) 4:43
14 Legenden om St:a Magdalena (trad.) 7:11
  total 58ī03

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