Bob's Your Uncle's not your usual blues fare! Sure, a quick look can be deceptive: a quartet consisting of vocals/harmonica, guitar, bass and drums is nothing out of the ordinary. The group interplay, the sometimes loose, sometimes tight and surprising arrangements tells a different story though. This is a band making an effort to take the road less travelled! If you ask them for influences they will of course mention Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters but depending on which of the members you ask they will also come up with names as disparate as Captain Beefheart, Led Zeppelin, Ornette Coleman and King Crimson...and when was the last time you heard a blues record featuring a Clarinet and a Bassoon in the horn section?

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Mats Äleklint Vocals & Harmonica
Fred Olsson Guitar
Johan Berke Bass
Jon Persson Drums

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Lira " The name of the group fits well with the light joke attitude at their debut album with a funny, relaxed and refreshing kind of pub blues - a somewhat otherwise mistreated genre. In some songs we meet unusual instruments and odd passages, also the choices of cover song material is fun. And when it is NOT funny (Crossroads for example) they make something funny out of it. A very good score for this challenging but bold blues CD with very good musicians."


1 The best years of my life (J.Berke) 3´11
2 Confidence trickster (F.Olsson) 4´28
3 Crossroads (R.Johnson) 4´54
4 Hard suffering (F.Olsson) 5´53
5 Evil (W.Dixon) 4´38
6 Leavin’ in the morning (J.Berke/V.Kelly/M.Äleklint) 4´40
7 Can’t trust your neighbour (I.Hayes/D.Porter) 5´15
8 Magic boy (F.Olsson) 8´13
9 I don’t play (W.Dixon) 3´13
10 Doghouse Riley (F.Olsson) 3´46
11 Spoonful (W.Dixon) 6´06
12 I’m gonna bring you down (J.Berke) 6´02
Total: 60´18

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