The third release on the GASON JAZZ label is this debut album from DUOJ consisting of Cecilia Jonshult singing vocals, and Lars Jonshult playing double bass and bass guitar. On three tracks, Krister Andersson plays the tenor saxophone and clarinet which contributes to the magic of this music.

Jazz, scat, folk music, joy, melancholy, samba, stillness and swing are all present on this CD which vibrates with a rare tenderness and nearness.Why do you have to place all music in a specific category? Here, you open doors to land-scapes we all know but perhaps have not visited. Good music gives us an energy which dilates our senses. This music has that. This music could be presented in many different constellations. It is presented here in duos and trios which give a nakedness to the music, opening it up for interpretation by the listener. No one can be indifferent.

Featuring Cecilia Jonshult, singing vocals
Lars Jonshult, double bass and bass guitar
Krister Andersson, tenor saxophone and clarinet.

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DUOJ: Betraktan

Cecilia Jonshult is also available on
nosag CD 195 - Scener ur det förgångna
Lars Jonshult is also available on
GASON Jazz CD 725 - The Zoo ESCAPE

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Groove: "It´s funny with surprising artists. Those who don´t want things to be and sound as you expect them to. Tricksters without bad ambitions. DUOJ is funny that way. On the surface it feels like listening to a jazz CD, but after a while you feel that that is not the bag. There are too many other ingredienses as well. What is holding this new CD together is the double bass playing from Lars Jonshult and Cecilia Jonshult´s singing. (---) At the same time a dark, smokey cellar and a fresh dewfilled forest glen. Equal parts soft club and mythical elf, and folksinging, and all other tradition. DUOJ communicate at the same time a memory of the past and what will be, like a nostalgic fortune teller. Like a future vision. Like a dream. "

Gefle Dagblad: "Cecilia Jonshult sounds like a jazz singer but presents the lyrics like a Scanian Lars Winnerbäck. The titles of the songs reviels what it´s all about: Nature, contemplation, etherical moods. (---) Lars Jonshult plays with elegance, skill and very melodically, even in free form improvisations. (---) Krister Andersson balances the music with his as usual more aggressive playing. The CD is definitely worth buying for those who like jazz to be that soothing calming. "

OJ: "Cecilia Jonshult is obviously not afraid of swimming out into deep waters - with no fear of death she loosens herself in wordless improvising. (---) Lars Jonshult plays skillfully and with Krister Andersson as a soloist the music takes flight. "


1 Livsvals Waltz of Life 7´03
2 Paradis för mig My Paradise 7´22
3 Betraktan Reflection 4´13
4 Scener ur det förgångna Scenes from the Past 7´15
5 Trygghetens famn Securely Embraced 5´38
6 Nära som barn Close-Knit as Children 5´18
7 Gryende, vågfyllda, slumrande dag
Dawn, Rippling, Slumbering Day
8 Livsdoft The Fragance of Life 4´53
9 Sårbar Susceptible 4´32
10 Song till Lii – remix 5´45
Total: 59´07

All words and music by Cecilia Jonshult except Dawn, Rippling, Slumbering Day, music by Lars Jonshult, words by Cecilia Jonshult and Song till Lii – remix, music by Lars Jonshult.

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