The first release on the GASON JAZZ label is this album from the quintet Johan Berke Upstairs Five. Debut recording of guitarist/composer Johan Berke's quintet is a strong and coherent group effort. The improvisations are sometimes lyrical and melodic - sometimes aggresive and atonal, but allways within the framework of the compositions.

Featuring saxophone players Fredrik Nordström and Örjan Hultén.
All compositions are by Johan Berke.

Johan Berke, guitar
Örjan Hultén, tenor saxophone
Fredrik Nordström, tenor and alto saxophone
Filip Augustson, bass
Fredrik Rundqvist, drums

featuring Jan Eriksson, lap steel, on two tracks


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Johan Berke Upstairs Five: Orangos Tangos no 5
Johan Berke Upstairs Five: Meanwhile upstairs

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Guitar Player: " Swedish composer Johan Berke debuts as a recording guitarist on this largely introspective yet energetic disc. His playing moves from dark and moody electric textures reminiscent of those heard on early ECM recordings to sparse acoustic structures to delightfully distorted and dissonant passages that evoke ’70s Robert Fripp. Berke is accompanied by a traditional lineup of drums, acoustic bass, and two saxophones, though a lap-steel player adds unusual colorings on two pieces. The music ranges from free-jazzish explorations to sophisticated arrangements that reveal Berke’s formal compositional skills. This is intelligent and sensitive music that will undoubtedly deep-six any hopes Berke might have of becoming the next smooth jazz sensation—and that’s a good thing. "


1 Short, but sweet no 2 1´23
2One for A.G. 6´05
3Short, but sweet no 1 6´45
4Old song no 4 6´15
5Orangos Tangos no 4 5´29
6 Orangos Tangos no 5 3´09
7 Meanwhile upstairs 4´48
8 What’s next? 3´31
9 Waltz for G.H. 7´51
10 Any other ideas? 6´51
Total: 55´28

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