The sixth release from Johan Berke Upstairs Five is for the major part a live album recorded at Glenn Miller Café in Stockholm June 13 & 14 2012.

It contains mostly new compositions by Berke but also a couple of older live favorites: Two in One and The Big Krumbukto, which has been released earlier in studio versions.

The current line-up is premiered on this recording and contains powerhouse trombone-player Mats Äleklint for the first time in Upstairs Five. Saxophone-player Fredrik Nordström is back after a break but the rhythm-section is still consisting of the ever evolving tandem of Filip Augustson & Fredrik Rundqvist.

Stylistically its what youve come to expect from a Johan Berke-album;
Like the earlier cds: Upstairs Five (2004), The Cactus Suite (2006), double-cd Eastern Scene in Grey Minor (2008), the Phono Suecia-release: Scope - music by Fredrik Nordström and Johan Berke (PSCD181 / 2009) (which saw the jazz quintet augmented by a brass quintet) and Nordic Scenes in Chromatic Blue (2011), OPEN DOOR contains both long passages of composed ensemble work, free improvising within a larger framework of structure and some parts of very melodic playing containing more traditional jazz-shadings and structures but perhaps also, given the nature of a live-recording, a distinctive edge and energy in the delivery, not present to the same extent on the studio-efforts.

Fredrik Nordström - tenor and alto saxophone
Mats Äleklint - trombone
Johan Berke - electric guitar
Filip Augustson - bass
Fredrik Rundqvist - drums

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Johan Berke: Flipside Extensions in Shades of Green Part 2

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1 Pushover 10:16
2 Short, but Sweet no 20 2:24
3 Two in One 10:45
4 Flipside Extensions in Shades of Green Part 1 8:29
5 Flipside Extensions in Shades of Green Part 2 6:24
6 Wisteria Floribunda 1:32
7 The Big Krumbukto 10:37
total time 50:26

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