nosagcd 203 - FIM 2012 - SÅNGARE TILL GLÄDJE

The 2012 version of FIM/nosag charity CD contains a selection of eight fine Swedish singers from varied genres - lied, musical, chanson, opera, sacred - together with eight musicians:

Anna Lindkvist, Torbjörn Pettersson, Carolina Linse, Désirée Baraula, Liz-Marie Tommo, Rolf Bromme, Raymond Björling, Stellan Sagvik,
André Baraula, Stefan Lindgren, Stefan Geiland, Anouchka Mukherjee, Kina Sönstevold, Wanda Geissendorf
and Maria Neumüller presenting music by such variety as composed by Grandert, Simon, Grieg, Ellington, Dowland, Sibelius, Fauré, Bach, Händel, Kjerult, Giordani, Alfvén, Strauss and Rodius. All benefit from selling this CD goes to the Churches´charity work.

These CDs are produced in collaboration with Mats Rodius and FIM, Föreningen Ideell Musik (The Society for Idealistic Music), working with collecting support money to different help projects all around the world.

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You need Real Audio to listen to these files:
Johnny Grandert: Vandring i vårnatt
(Anna Lindkvist/Stefan Lindgren)
Halfdan Kjerult: Mit hjerte og min lyre
(Raymond Björling/André Baraula)

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Anna Lindkvist / Stefan Lindgren
1'59 1 Vandring i vårnatt (Harald Lindberg / Johnny Grandert)
3'07 2 Marionetterna (Bo Bergman / Johnny Grandert)
1'32 3 Fruset fotspår (Sten Hagliden / Johnny Grandert)
2'01 4 När isen bryter upp (Harald Lindberg / Johnny Grandert)
Torbjörn Pettersson / André Baraula
4'37 5 Som en bro över mörka vatten (Åke Arenhill / Paul Simon)
2'41 6 Jeg elsker deg (Hans Christian Andersen / Edward Grieg)
Carolina Linse / Stefan Geiland
2'45 7 Amazing Grace (John Newton / trad)
3'15 8 Almighty God (Duke Ellington)
Rolf Bromme / Anouchka Mukherjee
3'50 9 Flow my tears (John Dowland)
2'55 10 Pie Jesu (Gabriel Fauré)
Liz-Marie Tammo / Kina Sönstevold, Wanda Geissendorf, Maria Neumüller
4'38 11 Aus Liebe will mein Heiland sterben (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Désirée Baraula / André Baraula
7'47 12 Cara sposa (Georg Friedrich Händel)
4'10 13 Lascia che io pianga (Georg Friedrich Händel)
Raymond Björling / André Baraula
3'07 14 Mit hjerte og min lyre (Halfdan Kjerult)
2'48 15 Caro mio ben (Guiseppe Giordani)
3'10 16 Demanten på marssnön (Josef Wecksell / Jean Sibelius)
3'23 17 Så tag mit hjerte (Tove Ditlevsen/Hugo Alfvén)
3'22 18 Erbarme dich (Johann Sebastian Bach)
1'56 19 Zueignung (Hermann von Gilm zu Rosenegg / Richard Strauss)
Stellan Sagvik
5'12 20 Giv liv och grönska (Gustaf Fröding / Mats Rodius)
Total durata: 68´24

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