nosag cd 156 - FIM - MUSIK SOM ÖPPNAR DÖRRAR 2008
nosag cd 157 - FIM - MUSIK SOM PLANTERAR TRÄD 2008

Two unique CDs from FIM/nosag records, the same musical contents but two different editions: this year all the benefit goes to either;

the Swedish help organisation Den Öppna Dörren (The Open Door), opening a door to homeless or poor people in Sweden, or

The Churches´ World Foundation´s money raising for stopping desert spreading in Mauretania.

Buying any of these CDs, or both, gives ALL the money to the mentioned organisations; CD156 supports DEN ÖPPNA DÖRREN and CD157 collects money to MAURETANIEN.

On these CDs, master flutist Kinga Práda is playing together with legendary Opera singer Solveig Faringer, who is also accompanied by pianist Carl Axel Dominique and Stockholm Chamber Wind Quintet. Dominique and the quintet also present the first ever recording of a Sextet by French composer Louise Farranc.

These CDs are produced in collaboration with Mats Rodius and FIM, Föreningen Ideell Musik (The Society for Idealistic Music), working with collecting support money to different help projects all around the world.

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Louise Farrenc: from Sextet
Roland-Manuel: Charmant Rossignol

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CONTENTS: (The same on both CDs)

Stellan Sagvik (*1952)1. Boels danser2´59 Kinga Práda
Trad2. Hornlåt efter Hilda Horn 1´55 Solveig Faringer/Kinga Práda
Franz Liszt (1811-1886)3. Waldesrauschen4´46 Carl-Axel Dominique
Csaba Deák (*1932)4. Fuvola4´49 Kinga Práda
Ture Rangström
5. Den enda stunden2´02 Solveig Faringer/Carl-Axel Dominique
Edward Grieg
6. Vaaren4´43 Solveig Faringer/Carl-Axel Dominique
Alexis Roland-Manuel (1891-1966)7. Charmant Rossignoll1´46 Solveig Faringer/Kinga Práda
Alexis Roland-Manuel8. Chanson1´14 Solveig Faringer/Kinga Práda
Louise Farrenc
Sextett24´51 C-A Dominique/Stockholms Kammarblåskvintett
9. Allegro 10´45
10. Andante sostenuto5´29
11. Allegro vivace8´37
Monica Dominique (*1940)12. Tillägnan 5´35 All
total 54´38

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