In this experimental art music DVD - awarded "Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik" 2008, a price given after the votes from around 140 well-known critics, journalists and musicologists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland - Duo Gelland performs music by James Dillon in a concert-like situation for Johan Ramströmīs single camera. Itīs a performance that takes place in real time in a physical place. The performers stomp and breathe, yet instead of making the audience merely see what they hear, Johan Ramström has involved the eye in a choreography - literally taking the camera for a swirl about the church, accidentally even bumping into the performers - the camera becomes a third member of the ensemble.
One night wonder; Is the cameraīs dance due to convulsive insights borne out of the music? Or is the cameraīs wide eye catching the music in a magical spell, forming it, coaxing it on all the way to the end?

This is a new way of filming art music performances!

The title of James Dillonīs Traumwerk (Dreamwork) derives from Albrecht Dürerīs description of his enigmatic and inventively playful "marginalia", designed for the prayer book commissioned by the Emperor Maximilian in 1515. The 12 movements of Traumwerk are filled with polyrhythms and microtones, vivid visions with strong inner life and powerful emotional identities.

Duo Gelland, recognized for their extraordinary expressive performances, has brought the old genre of the violin duo into renewed focus and once again into the artistic fore of exploration. Duo Gelland’s extensive repertory spans six centuries. On nosag records the Duo Gelland perform also on nosag CD 075, nosag CD 121, nosag CD 141, nosag CD 152. and nosag CD 181. (Check all Gelland nosag CDs)

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Single Layer DVD - PAL - All regions - 16:9 - PCM stereo
durata 29 min

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