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Duo Gelland, Cecilia and Martin Gelland, violins, is a unique and highly acclaimed Swedish ensemble for contemporary music. Through their initiative the violin duo has been subject to a complete renewal and is now seen with great respect by all those who experienced its enormous potentials. Duo Gelland personally received around 90 dedications and premiered many works composed earlier but never performed for lack of ensembles.

On nosag records the Duo Gelland perform also on nosag CD 075, nosag CD 141, nosag CDVD 142, nosag CD 152 and nosag CD 181.
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In 2003 nosag records released Vol 1 of Swedish duos for violins on nosag CD 075. On this the Second Volume Duo Gelland perform pieces (first recordings) by Swedes Erik Förare, Håkan Larsson, Ingvar Karkoff, Kerstin Jeppsson and Peter Schuback.

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Erik Förare: Allegro fluente from Duo no. 2

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THE CRITICS: "How many modern violin duos do you know? Rawsthorne's Theme and Variations (1937) is the only one I am familiar with by a British composer, otherwise the Bartok Duos, a collection that deserves to be as well known as his other didactic compilation Mikrokosmos. This duo has by their flair and charisma created a new repetoire, which should be better known far beyond its Swedish niche. These five composers have all produced works that are fresh and different, and that leave you wanting to know more of their music. The information in the fully illustrated booklet is well organised and - mercifully - printed in clear black-on-white. The CD is recommended warmly for all violinists and colleagues in string quartets (quartet recitals could be enhanced by including an item which do not require all four players?) and these duos should certainly be available in every college strings department in UK and other countries outside Scandinavia. It will also open student composers' ears and imaginations and broaden their perspectives. " " There is a lot of striking music here, played with conviction, certainty of purpose and considerable subtlety by the Duo Gelland. All the composers are – like the performers – Swedish. It is clear from the documentation provided that the Duo Gelland have worked regularly with the composers. This is apparent in the evident understanding and sympathy that characterises these performances. Indeed, it is clear that the Duo Gelland have themselves done much to encourage the creation of this repertoire. Both parties – performers and composers – have certainly benefited from this interaction. So does the third party made up of listeners. (---)
This is a finely recorded CD, full of music which rewards attentive listening in ways that aren’t always predictable. It confirmed the good impression - admittedly based on very limited evidence - of one or two of these composers, and made me want to hear more by those whose work was new to me. I hope that both the Duo Gelland and nosag will be able to keep up the good work. I note with gratitude that production of the CD was supported by the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs and the Swedish Arts and Grants Committee. I hope that they will keep up the good work, too. "


Erik Förare (born 1955):  
Duo no. 2 per 2 violini 11´39
Håkan Larsson (born 1959):  
När intet blir allt (2002) 13´32
Ingvar Karkoff (born 1958):  
Largo (2004) 6´54
Kerstin Jeppsson (born 1948):  
Canto cromàtico per due violini (2003) 18´00
Peter Schuback (born 1947):  
del altro al altro per due violini (2001) 14´26
durata 64´33

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