Duo Gelland, recognized for their extraordinary expressive performances, has brought the old genre of the violin duo into renewed focus and once again into the artistic fore of exploration. Duo Gelland’s extensive repertory spans six centuries. On this CD they performe totally new Swedish pieces by composers Förare, Bucht, Hultqvist and Glaser, some specially written for them and carrying the duo tradition to even higher artistical views.

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positionen, Germany, August 2004: "A surprising production comes from Swedish label Nosag records. Duo Gelland plays nothing but violin duos on this disc. With the four Swedish compositions they show how fascinating, multiform and abundant of variation compositions for merely two like string instruments can be. For me the high point consists of Composition #2 - Apricot trees exist (1998/2000) by Anders Hultqvist. The branched out timbres remain in motion as the lustrous intercombinations of sounds grow into a self embracing formation. The oldest work on this recording, Duo (1966) by Werner Wolf Glaser, pays respect to the instrument’s melodic potentials. Its impact stems from play with changing harmonical densities whereas Duo 1(1976-79) by Erik Förare works with changes of texture and gliding echo effects. The stretched out five movement architecture of the latter balances between ecstatic motion and stand still. In the performance of all four recorded works Cecilia and Martin Gelland convince equally through technical proficiency as through extraordinarily chiseled out sonorities. Their intensive realization of the quite different sound constructions have a plasticity one can momentarily almost touch."

Dissonanz, Switzerland, Mars 2006: "Gerade hier zeigt sich, mit welch hohem Differenzierungsgrad die Gellands eine Reihe von Werken sehr unterschiedlicher kompositorischer und ästhetischer Provenienz präsentieren können, ohne dass man je die aus zwei Violinen bestehende Besetzung als Mangel empfindet. Das technisch hervorragende Spiel beider Musiker zeichnet sich durch ein differenziertes Abtasten der jeweils geforderten instrumentalen Möglichkeiten aus, ihr Vortrag ist klangvoll und intensiv, mitunter auch leidenschaftlich oder zurückhaltend, bleibt aber letztlich in jeder Situation bis in die feinsten musikalischen Verästelungen hinein nuanchenreich in Tongebung und Klanggestaltung."

Östgötacorren: " ´Best right now,` Duo Gelland! I first heard Duo Gelland during the poetry days in Wanås (where Lars Norén was featured). Later, they showed up on TV during the GAS festival in Gothenburg, and now, their new CD has arrived: Violin duos, vol. 1 (nosag). It is an intense journey through four 20th century pieces where the couple—Cecilia and Martin—Gelland research both an inner and outer landscape in a wholly convincing manner, like new, outgoing paths. This CD is as much about technique as it is about the joy of making music and love for these modern stringed worlds. Erik Förare, Werner Wolf Glaser, Anders Hultqvist, and Gunnar Bucht are the quartet of composers."


Erik Förare (born 1955)
Duo nr. 1 opus 1 (1976-79)27´18
1Introduktion 5´16
2Intermezzo I 6´48
3Intermezzo II 3´13
4Statico 3´26
5Final 8´33
Werner Wolf Glaser (born 1913)
6Duo (1966) 16´34
Anders Hultqvist (born 1955)
7Apricot trees exist / Composition No.2 (1998/00) 9´24
Gunnar Bucht (born 1927)
8Partita (2001) 14´21
durata 67´38

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