The lead singer of DUOJ Brazil Cissi Jonshult speaks:
"In the early 1990's, a friend of mine played a tape of the Brazilian singer, Elis Regina, for me, and a discovery voyage started then . . . and it's still ongoing . . . and I've realized that it's wonderful lifelong!

First, the journey went through Brazilian artists who were closely involved with jazz music, like Naná Vasconcelos, Egberto Gismonti and Flora Purim, but the flame of my interest truly ignited after a concert with Hermeto Pascoal e Grupo at the jazz club, Fasching, in Stockholm. The idea of having a band playing Brazilian influenced music was born!

As the journey rolled on, DUOJ Brazil was formed, and during the recent years, we've mixed everything: the playing, the composing, the travels, the ingestion of the music, the culture, the history, the language . . . A visit to the bar Bip Bip in Rio de Janeiro is a pure history lesson about choro and samba! Then visit the district Pelourinho, which vibrates with music, in Salvador and experience more of the African heritage…Yes, it makes one feel a great reverence for the Brazilian culture and music!

As I've already hinted, the journey certainly intensified sharply with the creation of DUOJ Brazil! We are in a permanent, ongoing investigation of the Brazilian musical culture, and in doing so, we realize that the source is neverending! So far we have only scratched the surface and it is absolutely amazing! Our first album, Bip Bip, is an impassioned flirtation with Brazil, and this is an imprint in time of where we are right now! Welcome!"

Cissi Jonshult - vocals & synth
Niklas Bjarnehäll - keyboards
Lars Jonshult - double-bass & bass-guitar
Alexander Carlberg - drums & percussion
Lasse Sjörud - congas (track 1), percussion (track 5)

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Buarque/Vreeswijk: Deirdres samba

DuoJ (Cissi & Lars Jonshult) is also available on
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01. JÁ NOS VAMOS / Soon we’re going (Cecilia Jonshult)
02. DEIRDRES SAMBA (Chico Buarque/Cornelis Vreeswijk)
03. O DIA CONTENTE / The happy day (Niklas Bjarnehäll)
04. CRAVO E CANELA / Clove and cinnamon (Milton Nascimento)
05. SAMBA E AMOR (Chico Buarque)
06. BRAZILOUNGE (Cecilia Jonshult)
07. SÓ DANÇO SAMBA (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
08. SAI DESSA / Get out of this! (Nathan Marques/Ana Terra)
09. SOZINHA / Lonely (Niklas Bjarnehäll)
10. DEPOIS DO INVERNO / After the winter (Cecilia Jonshult)
11. FAVELA (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
12. ENCONTROS E DESPEDIDAS / Meetings and farewells (Milton Nascimento)

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