Fresh, melodious and very close music for trumpet, trombone, piano and occasional tender vocals. Trio Askeladd was formed in Spring 2003 and features Geir Anfinsen, Niklas Bjarnehäll and Odd Inge Gjelsnes, working in a style and genre of their own - contemplative, sincere and very dear, and exceptionally well suited for meditative excursions in the unexpected, unseen and unheard.

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F.Alnäs/ I. Dyrhaug/ O.E Antonsen: Vitae Lux

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1. Askeladd 6.11
2. African Marketplace 3.09
3. Oktober 5.04
4. Herre Gud, ditt dyre navn og aere 2.45
5. Vitae Lux 3.06
6. Bliv kvar hos mej / Safari 6.44
7. Madagaskar 2.39
8. Icicles 5.28
9. Whoza Mtwana 5.34
10.Elegi 3.23
11. Jesus det eneste, helligste, reneste 3.37
12. På det store hav me siglar / Om nogen ondt meg vil 6.11
13. Landkjenning 5.40
14. Den ensomme veien 4.48
15. The wedding 3.03
Total: 67´20

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