nosagcd 224 - ROLF BROMME - And bright blows the broom

Rolf Bromme is a Bass-baritone who, after many years as a choir singer in among others The Philharmonic Choir of Stockholm, now has taken the step to sing as a soloist with many of his own concerts. nosag records has previously released three CDs in which he participates, one of them as solo artist.

Here we can hear him perform the Ralph Vaughan Williams song cycle SONGS of TRAVEL, with words by R.L.Stevenson. The composers on this CD also includes Jean Sibelius, John Alan Griffiths, Carl Nielsen, Lars-Erik Larsson and Piotr Tchaikovsky.

His pianist is Anouchka Mukherjee, as a singer, is represented on a couple of productions from nosag records.

Rolf Bromme we have presented earlier on nosag records on
nosag CD 070, nosag CD 118 nosag CD 140 and nosag CD 201.

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Ralph Vaughan Williams:
1. 212 Folkvisa (arr.) The Turtle Dove
Songs of Travel:
2. 243 The Vagabond
3. 124 Let Beauty Awake
4. 159 The Roadside Fire
5. 216 Youth and Love
6. 155 In Dreams
7. 412 The Infinite Shining Heavens
8. 330 Wither must I wander?
9. 217 Bright is the ring of words
10. 320 I have trod the upward and the downward slope

John Alan Griffiths:
Three Songs:
11. 042 The Dawn
12. 122 Sweet England
13. 244 The Mart

Jean Sibelius:
14. 220 Then I ceased to ask those questions
15. 409 Come away death
16. 328 Korsspindeln
17. 140 Finlandia

Pjotr Tjajkovskij:
18. 128 Mein Schutzgeist, mein Engel, mein Lieb

Carl Nielsen:
19. 140 Sang bag Ploven

Lars-Erik Larsson:
20. 121 Ut mot udden
durata 4615

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