nosagcd 2047,2048,4049 - TURN OF THE CENTURY 1900:I-IV

One of Sweden’s highly appreciated performer, violin player Semmy Stahlhammer (first Concertmaster at the Royal Opera of Stockholm) collaborating with pianists Love Derwinger and Elisabeth Boström has managed to complete a great collection of very fine Swedish salon music from the turn of the last century. You can choose to get this amazingly rich music either as two double CDs (nosag CD 2047 & 2048) or as a quadruple box with four great CDs (nosag CD 4049). The repertory of nosag CD 2047 you also find on single CDs nosag 024 & 033. You can also hear Semmy playing music together with and by Göran Agdur on nosag CD 051.

Semmy Stahlhammer, violin;
Love Derwinger, piano
Elisabeth Boström, piano

You need Real Audio to listen to this file:
Tor Aulin: Polska, Allegretto [ .ra 201 Kb, good mono quality ]

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UNT: "A bunch of charming Swedish turn-of-the-century-salon music, vigorously performed - an enjoyable trick from the odd label nosag records."

HiFi&Musik: "This is not nostalghia - this is music in its own right - already the Aulin Akvareller is value for the money."

SvD: "Historically interesting CD, but you listen mainly because of the beauty of the collaboration of these two chamber musicians: They create their own peaceful room in the roaring environment of the 1990:s. (...) These miniatures sound fresh and achieves through the interpretation a natural space also in our time."

ÖstgötaCorrespondenten: "While I listened to these four CDs my admiration for Semmy Stahlhammer rose to that degree that I felt I had to pinch my ear to assure I was not dreaming! He is not only a tremendously skilled violinist, but also a ´missionary in music´ looking mainly at the artistical need for playing the odd and unknown, not at raw echonomics."

DN: "Stahlhammer makes his impression not only by pulling out unknown music into the spotlight, but also with his lyrical, relaxed and freely sounding way of playing. This is very possible to enjoy even in bigger portions!"

Fanfare Magazine: "Stahlhammer displays throughout both a dashing technique and a complementary tonal warmth, in addition to a genuine sympathy for the somewhat antiquated but hardly overstated Romanticism these works exude. Unhesitatingly recommended!!!"

Gränslöst/Sonoloco: (read the full sonoloco review here)
" The interpretations are throughout delicate, sensitive, intimate, clear – exactly as mid day calm and pancake smelly as the reminiscences from the rural kitchen suggest – and the atmosphere is exactly as intimate as it was in the turn-of-the-century homes when people gathered to hear great music in the small and close format. "

CONTAINS Music by:

Hugo Alfvén Ture RangströmTor AulinMoses Pergament
Tor Aulin Emil SjögrenGunnar EkWilhelm Peterson-Berger
Valborg Aulin Wilhelm StenhammarGunnar de FrumerieHeinz Provost
Algot Haquinius Karl Fritjof ValentinAlgot HaquiniusTure Rangström
Armas Järnefelt Axel Raoul WachtmeisterErland von KochHilding Rosenberg
Ture Rangström Richard Ohlsson
Moses Pergament

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