The second volume of Swedish great Turn-of-the-century music for violin and piano, the type of music that was played in the finer salons of the established, written by elegant and romantic styled composers with a tender and dreaming contact with a tradition of fine singing melodies. The amazing duo Semmy Stahlhammer, first concert meister of the Stockholm Opera (also appearing on nosag CD:s 024 & 034), and his always listening and really collaborating pianist Love Derwinger (also appearing on nosag CD 024) make new explorations of long forgotten Swedish musical chamber tradition. Two more volumes will follow.

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Sjögren: O säg, du enda kära [ 273 Kb, good mono quality ]

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Kristianstadsbladet: " The violin player Semmy Stahlhammer plays with a secure musical approach and an easy sound that is rare today. And when he deals with the really great music, like the Stenhammar Allegro Patetico, the performance becomes amazing! But, Stahlhammer would not be that good without the almost uncredibly listening and collaborating pianist Love Derwinger."

SvD: "Historically interesting CD, but you listen mainly because of the beauty of the collaboration of these two chamber musicians: They create their own peaceful room in the roaring environment of the 1990:s. (...) These miniatures sound fresh and achieves through the interpretation a natural space also in our time."


Ture Rangström: 1. Poem4´57
2. Capriccio Amoroso5´53
Emil Sjögren:
Two Lyrical Pieces3. Andantino quasi Allegretto8´38
4. Andante Sostenuto5´40
Three Songs5. O säg, du enda kära1´40
6. I Seraljens Lustgård2´40
7. Det komma skall en sorgestund1´35
8. Contrabandieren3´43
Wilhelm Stenhammar
Two Sentimental Romances9. Andantino5´34
10. Allegro Patetico5´47
Karl Valentin11. Adagio7´11
12. Sonata Movement4´06
Axel Raoul Wachtmeister 13. On the water (Barcarole)3´50
total: 61´23

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