nosagcd 024 - TURN OF THE CENTURY 1900:I

A bouquet very fine salon music from the turn of the last century, with two of Sweden’s highly appreciated performers, violin player Semmy Stahlhammer (first Concertmaster at the Royal Opera of Stockholm) collaborating with pianist and composer Love Derwinger, one of the very talented musicians of the young generation. Another CD with more examples of elegant turn-of-the-century music with the same artists you find on nosag CD 033.

Semmy Stahlhammer, violin;
Love Derwinger, piano

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Tor Aulin: Polska, Allegretto [ 201 Kb, good mono quality ]

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UNT: "A bunch of charming Swedish turn-of-the-century-salon music, vigorously performed - an enjoyable trick from the odd label nosag records."

HiFi&Musik: "This is not nostalghia - this is music in its own right - already the Aulin Akvareller is value for the money."

SvD: "Historically interesting CD, but you listen mainly because of the beauty of the collaboration of these two chamber musicians: They create their own peaceful room in the roaring environment of the 1990:s. (...) These miniatures sound fresh and achieves through the interpretation a natural space also in our time."


Hugo Alfvén
1.Skogen sover (Romans) Andantino2’03
2.Romans ( Till Fröken Nanny Bruzelius)4’42
3.Meditation (Efter romansen ”I stilla timmen”) Moderato3’06
(Transcribed by Ernst Källberg)
4.Vallflickans Dans, Presto3’32
Tor Aulin
Fyra akvareller (Till Erik Lidforss):
5.Idyll, Andante3’23
6.Humoresk, Allegretto scherzando3’56
7.Vaggsång, Poco Cento3’22
8.Polska, Allegretto3’39
9.Cavatina, Andantino, An Frau Emmy Sauret3’46
10.Mazurek, Tempo di Mazurka5’14
11.Minnesblad, Andante3’47
Valborg Aulin
12.Elegie, Andante Camcutoso3’07
(Transcribed by Tor Aulin)
Algot Haquinius
13.Svensk Dans, Allegro3’41
14.Nocturne, Andante moderato2’16
Armas Järnefelt
15.Berceuse, Andante2’51
Ture Rangström 5’25
16.Vårnättema, Improvisata, Poco andante, 1904
17.Arisa, Adagio doloroso, 19423’45
18.Poem, Poco Adagio, 19424’55
19.Cappricio amoroso, In modo tzigane, 19485’53
Vito impetuoso

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