nosag cd 232 - JAN H BÖRJESSON -
- Fantasia

Jan H Börjesson (born 1969) was educated as organist at the College of Music in Gothenburg 1987-1992. As organ teachers, he had Rune Wåhlberg, Hans Davidsson, Hans-Ola Ericsson and Jacques van Oortmerssen. 2000-2016, he worked as an organist at Sankt Pauli Church in Gothenburg and has been organist in Kalmar Cathedral since 2016. Jan H Börjesson has played many concerts in Sweden and a several other countries. This is his sixth organ CD. He also works as a singer, writer and organ consultant.

"Gustav Andersson built the organ of Östra Husby church on Vikbolandet. It was given 23 stops divided into two manuals and independent pedal. Stylistically, the organ is in a transitional phase, and features both a quivering late Baroque and the early Romantic style that Andersson had learned during his studies in Germany. In 1908 a careful reposition of the organ was carried out by Åkerman & Lund, when Gamba 8' was renewed and Qvintadena 8' was replaced by a Salicional 8 '. In 1935 a more drastic rebuilding by A Fehrling was carried out. Trumpet 8 ' and Qvinta 3' were newly created and Trumpet 16' was replaced with a Ters 1 3/5'. The old material was filed. Furthermore, the entire organ was pneumatized and was provided with a new manual. The performance was substandard and in 1938, Åkerman & Lund was commissioned to put the organ in order. In 1971, the mechanics and manual were reconstructed by R Jacoby. He reintroduced the original pipes and reconstructed the missing Gamba 8'. The pedal range was increased to d1. The Fagott 8' Bass was filed and is unfortunately now lost. In 2013, Bergenblad & Jonsson implemented a major restoration when the mechanics and parts of the manual were reconstructed. The old bellows were reconnected and the air pressure was reset to 85mm Vp. Gamba 8' and parts of Qvintadena 8' were reconstructed and the original pipes were reinserted. A Fagott 8' Bas from the organ in Västra Husby church, built by Carl Hanner in 1837, was available and replaced the lost original pipes. With its size, its acoustically intelligent space, its classical disposition and its high-class intonation, the organ of the Eastern Husby church appears to be one of the country's most important historical organs. The organs of early Romantic period have to a large extent been replaced or rebuilt, and this organ is perhaps Sweden's most important exponent of the era in question."

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