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This is the world premier recording of the legendary organ in Emanuel Swedenborg´s gazebo at Skansen in Sweden. Skansen is the largest outdoor museum in the world and is located in Stockholm at Djurgården. There one can find buildings from all phases of Swedish history. There are also animals, gardens, and not least, Seglora Church, which is one of Sweden’s most popular churches for weddings and it also has two organs - one old pipe organ and one digital. The collections also include Swedenborg’s gazebo from the 1700s and its organ.

Karin Strid, organist and music director for Seglora Church, has been the organist there since the autumn of 2002. She was educated at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm and has since then pursued special studies in organ in Germany and Denmark. Aside from her position at Seglora, Karin works as a freelance musician with special interest in chamber music and is often engaged as an accompanist in different contexts. She has recorded several CDs - on nosag records CDs 034, 038 and 102.

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Gotländsk brudmarsch

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* = The organ in Swedenborg´s gazebo
** = Ekengren Organ in Seglora Church
*** = Allen Organ in Seglora Church
All music but #12 world premier recordings

1. Klockorna i Håsjöstapeln/Bells of Håsjöstapeln 0´32
2. Hjalmar Gullberg: Klippan - Anna-Greta Leijon, diktläsning 1´21
3.* Thomas Åberg: Swedenborg Piece No 1 1´48
4. Hjalmar Gullberg: Lusthuset - Anna-Greta Leijon, diktläsning 0´51
5.* Thomas Åberg: Swedenborg Piece No 2 1´58
6.** Thomas Åberg: Seglora kyrkmarsch för två orglar 4´00
 Karin Strid och tonsättaren spelar på orglarna i Seglora kyrka 6´02
7.** Trad. (arr Anders Bond): Brudmarsch från öland 0´58
8.*** Erland von Koch: Festmarsch 2´55
9.*** Trad. (arr Mikael Fridén): Kristallen den fina 2´37
10.** Trad. (arr Leif Lundberg): I himmelen 1´35
11.*** Lille Bror Söderlundh: Saraband (arr Roland Forsberg) 3´55
12.*** Lars Egebjer: Nenia Wermlandica 4´01
13.** Trad. (arr Leif Lundberg): En gammal Orsavisa 1´43
14.** Trad. (arr Leif Lundberg): Aftonpsalm från Rosentorp 1´26
15.** Medeltida: Var kristtrogen fröjde sig (arr Stig Gustav Schönberg) 1´10
16.*** Trad. (arr Lars Nordh): Brudmarsch från Dala-Husby 2´47
17.*** Trad. (arr Roland Forsberg): Koral från Seglora i Västergötland 2´51
18.*** Heimer Sjöblom: Angelus 2´46
19.*** Trad. (arr Sven-Olof Ohlsson): Gotländsk brudmarsch 1´32
20. Klockorna i Seglora kyrka/Seglora Bells 1´36
Total: 42´24

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