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Lennart Sjögren is one of the finest poets of Sweden. He is born and living on the island Öland outside the Swedish east coast. In his poems nature is always present as the fundamental base for all of Man´s doing. Animals frequently pass by and all of his texts are filled with a dark and sincere environmental mood.

Now pianist/composer Björn Erlandsson put some of these poems to music. He scored for Mezzo Soprano (here sung by amazing Margaretha Melz, also appearing on nosag CDs 003 and 008), Saxophone Quartet (Hässlö Saxofonkvartett) and piano (the composer).
Erlandsson also wrote four Summer poems for piano and four saxophones, very well matching the beautiful and tender mood of this sweet CD. Please visit also Björn Erlandssons homepage.

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 Sju dikter ur GRÖNSKAN av Lennart Sjögren 
1. Övergivet 2´39
2. Såret 4´20
3. Förförelsen 1´53
4. Kalven 3´07
5. Ovanligt klar och mild dag 2´02
6. Skugglöst 4´47
7. Sparvhöken 2´40
 Fyra sensommarpoem för piano och fyra saxofoner 
8. Bålgetingen gnager på det gröngula äpplet 4´25
9. Augustisolen lyser genom lövverket på de gula äpplena 9´48
10. Löven under körsbärsträdet 3´47
11. Gräset är högt nära päronträdets stam 3´07
42´41 total

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