nosagcd 072 - VESTMANNIAENSEMBLEN - En dag på gården - Chamber music by Björn J:son Lindh

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The jazz flutist Björn J:son Lindh is well-known for his many recordings of his own music with a very personal, unique way of playing the flute. Less known are his compositions for chamber ensemble. Here we are presented first recordings of very humourous, entertaining and ear-candylike music - for example the sound of a day at the farm, the title of the CD - but also introvert, meditative and calm layed back gems of contemplation for wind quintet, piano and different combinations of those instruments. In the suite "A day at the farm" you can also hear the Swedish folklore instrument keyed fiddle, a kind of hurdy-gurdy played with a bow, like a violin, but the stops made with a mechanique like the old medevial instrument.

Björn Grönberg, flute, piccola, alto flute
Anders Berglund, oboe, cor anglais
Göran Hägglund, clarinet, bass clarinet
Stellan Igelström, french horn
Bo Grönberg, bassoon
Jan Bülow, piano
& Markus Svensson, keyed fiddle

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J:son Lindh: from En dag på gården

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Kammarmusik-Nytt: "This is charming and poetical miniatures, with some folklore and sadness in the base. All the pieces are clearly an enrichment to the repertory of music for wind quintet."


[1] Salongsmusik nr 2 wind quintet and piano 5’49
[2] Northern Lights, wind quintet 4’12
[3] Avskedet, wind quintet 1’50
[4] Vid fönstret 1905, clarinet and piano 4’20
[5] Der Wienerwalzer, flute and piano 4’42
[6] Skymning 1913, cor anglais and piano 3’05
[7] Chopin i Alabama, piano 3’15
[8] Över all tid, bassoon and piano 3’58
[9] Bars of S:t Brides, horn and piano 3’39
[10] En dag på gården, keyed fiddle and wind quintet 19’04
total: 53’55

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