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- Markussion

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Markus Leoson, young percussion vituoso from Sweden, plays amazingly versions of some of the most interesting and varied pieces for solo percussion from our time, some of them in first recordings. On top of that he also presents a first recording of the Swedish composer Johan Hammerth Concerto for percussion and orchestra, together with Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by wellknown Heinrich Schiff, in a very dynamic performance filled with temperament and tremendous skill!

You can also listen to Markus Leoson together with violinist Semmy Stahlhammer on the nosag CD Marimbolino (nosag CD 059) and on Requiem by Gabriella Gullin (nosag CD 2078).


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Hammerth: from Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra

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classical cd review: "(---) But the prize on this disc turns out to be a 1995 concerto by Johan Hammerth (b. 1953)—the finest concerted work for solo percussionist and orchestra I’ve heard since Takemitsu’s Cassiopeia 33 years ago. Hammerth’s ear is as refined as his sense of structure—in this case a single-movement with three implicit sections. Percussion soloists are basically audio-visual phenomena (the first such of international caliber was a young Japanese, Stomu Yamash’ta, whose public career lasted just a decade, 1969-79).Evelyn Glennie knows this, and so does Markus Leoson, who is marvelously partnered in the Hammerth concerto by Heinrich Schiff. The concerto is a major work that exerts an ever-stronger pull each time I hear it. Welcome Markus Leoson, welcome Johan Hammerth, and by all means let us have more releases of this caliber from Nosag."

Expressen: "(---) CD of the month! Total force and uncountable variations in clang with the astonnishing concert by Johan Hammerth as a center. Percussion at its very best. "

Kristianstadsbladet: "(---) Leoson is the most musical percussion celebrity of Sweden (---) shows the most sensitive and nyanced interpretation of Xenakis´ Psappha. Morton Feldmans The King of Denmark he gives a especially soft touch. "

SvD: "(---) Exceptional percussionist, worldclass, gives us a wonderfully airy and floating Psappha - the music is almost hanging in thin air, like a mobile sculpture. The Topf-Tanz makes Leoson call out the most enjoyable play of colours of this CD."

NM/T: "(---) In jazz, drum solos are booring eleven times out of ten. This CD contains seven long drum solos, and they are great exciting all the time. If you listen. Listening is needed, this is nothing you have running in the background, but if you are really hanging on you get rich rewards (---) Some time ago I asked a percussionist what she thought about Leoson. - He is so damned good, he has always been damned good, she answered.
And surely, that IS true."

SJ: "(---) At once you notice how solemn and transparent percussion music can be, maybe a surprise to many listeners. (---) Markus Leoson shows that percussion music really means playing sensitively and with love."


   Áskell Másson
1. Frum - a drum song # 5'04
Morton Feldman
2. The King of Denmark 6'28
Iannis Xenakis
3. Psappha for percussion solo12'35
Poul Ruders
4. Alarm - a thriller for percussion 6´16
Áskell Másson
5. Prím for solo snare drum 5´47
Eckhard Kopetzki
6. Topf-Tanz # 7'27
Maki Ishii
7. Thirteen drums 8´23
Johan Hammerth
8. Concerto for percussion and orchestra # 21'52
                                           # = first recording
Total dur. 73'58

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