nosagcd 059 - MARIMBOLINO -
for marimba and violin

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Two young talented artist from the Royal Opera Orchestra of Stockholm - the first violinist Semmy Stahlhammer and timpanist Markus Leoson, collaborate in a unique session containing hot, sunny, fireish music for violin and marimba. Amazing clang, sounds and artistery, many of the pieces never before recorded.

Markus Leoson, marimba
Semmy Stahlhammer, violin

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Koppel: from "Tarantella"

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Percussive Notes: "(---) ...a stroke of genius. The guitar-like sonorities of the marimba provide a particulary effective accompaniment for the lush, romantic tones of Stahlhammer´s violin. Thanks to the pair´s sensitive, expressive performance and their exemplary ensemble precision, it is hard to imaginge any listener who will not immediately fall under the spell of this music. One can only hope that this disc reflects the beginning of a long artistic collaboration between these two musicians. "

The Strad Magazine: "Swedish violinist Semmy Stahlhammer and percussionist Markus Leoson have managed to turn up a colourful selection of pieces (---) fully exploiting the compelling contrast between the rich, spacious marimba sonorities and the slender tone of the violin. (---) The jazzy perpetuum mobile over which the violin flits in the first movement, Mister Coffee, is both hypnotic and entrancing!"

HiFI & Musik: "Here we are offered known and unknown music by old and new masters. Original, different and mezmerizing!"


David Jones
Legal High
1. Mister Coffee 3´35
2. Menthology 5´23
3. Sweet Thing 4´37
Eberhard Eyser
Duo 3c
4. rapsodia 1 1´54
5. canone 1 2´07
6. rapsodia 2/canone 2 0´48
7. rapsodia 3 1´57
8. ritorno rapsodia 2/canone 2 0´48
9. ricapitolazione rapsodia 1 0´54
10. cabaletta 2´08
Anders Koppel
11. Tarantella 7´51
Pablo de Sarasate
12. Playera 4´36
13. Zapateado 3´55
14. Miramar 5´16
15. Romanza Andaluza 5´38
16. Andalouse 2´13
Total: 53´43

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