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This Special Edition CD contains samples from 23 of nosag´s productions and is yours for free if you order another two CDs from the nosag records catalog, just to make it easily possible for you to make friends with the rich possibilities of our music and artists. Just check the content, order and enjoy: FREE CD when you order another two CDs from nosag catalogue!

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  1. nosag CD 036: from Helén Johansson: Too good to be trueBoo to the flu 3’27
  2. nosag CD 037: from Jan Bengtson: Bengtson - In Action Ellington: It don´t mean a thing 2’32
  3. nosag CD 038: from Jan Bengtson / Karin Strid: Due Consideration Grieg: Våren/The Spring 2’41
  4. nosag CD 039: from Eva Svärd Mannerstedt / Anette Müller-Roos: Inspired Women Woodforde-Finden: Till I Wake 2’14
  5. nosag CD 040: from Helén Johansson: Telepathic Heart2Heart Cat´s dance 3’02
  6. nosag CD 041: from DalaSinfoniettan: Dag Wirén Gyckeldans/Jester´s Dance 2’01
  7. nosag CD 042: from Knut Sönstevold plays Karlheinz Stockhausen from "Tierkreis" 2’10
  8. nosag CD 043: from Håkan Martinsson: Big Organ in Big Church Sandström: Halleluja! 1’43
  9. nosag CD 044: from Staffan Björklund: Dialogues... Furioso 2’46
  10. nosag CD 045: from Sforzando: midnight at the lighthouse Raicho & Raucous 3’15
  11. nosag CD 046: from Druve Twins / Lars Hägglund:
Schumann: Duets & Piano
Erste Begegnung/Första mötet 1’37
  12. nosag CD 4049: from Semmy Stahlhammer / Elisabeth Boström:
Turn of the Century (4CDs)
Rangström: Tambourin 1´13
  13. nosag CD 2050: from Semmy Stahlhammer / Ivetta Irkha:
Opera I&II (2CDs)
Prokofjev: Oranges´ March 1´42
  14. nosag CD 051: from Semmy Stahlhammer / Göran Agdur:
dawn earth (20 min singel)
Agdur: Valse Miracle 2´10
  15. nosag CD 052: from Hässelby Motet Choir Martinsson: Offertoriehymn 2’03
  16. nosag CD 053: from Kungliga Musikhögskolans Blåsorkester:
Csaba Deák: Anémones de Felix
from "Clarinet Concerto, part III" 4´48
  17. nosag CD 054: from 2xMöller LIVE Piazzolla: Tango 1980 2’46
  18. nosag CD 055: from Katarina Choirs: Sing in Advent/Sjung in Advent Bossi: Cantate Domino 5’26
  19. nosag CD 056: from Magnus Andersson: Guitaliano Bussotti: Rara 4´29
  20. nosag CD 057: from Stefan Säfsten: Leva i Världen/Kista Mass Gloria 1´25
  21. nosag CD 058: from Rune Karlsson: French Organ in Botkyrka Corrette: Basse de Trompette 1’43
  22. nosag CD 059: from Markus Leoson / Semmy Stahlhammer:
Koppel: Tarantella 7´47
  23. nosag CD 060: from Bergslagens Kammarsymfoniker:
Pictures from Bergslagen
Franzén: from "Four Realities" 7´05
  total 70´09

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