cd FIM 00-1 - FLUTES TO the CHILDREN of the WORLD /

Special CD
All income from selling
is given to worldwide children help organisations
USD 11/SEK 100
Mats Rodius is one of the most talented among Swedish flutists, but due to many years of illness he was forced to stop playing in public. Instead he works together with fellow flutists in recording CDs to collect money to help people and children in distress all around the world. All the benefit from these CDs are given to help organisations. Mats Rodius started the Society of Idealistic Musicians (short in Swedish = "FIM")

On this CD Rodius himself plays together with flutist Peter Lindblom and they present great flute music from the 18th century. Buying this great CD for a very good price, only USD 11/SEK 100, you contribute in the worldwide struggle to make the situation better for the Children of the world!

Mats Rodius, flute
Peter Lindblom, flute
Ann-Sofie Nordin, cembalo
Nils Malmqvist, cembalo
Åsa Lindström, violoncell

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Telemann: from Trio g minor

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Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Triosonata in c minor from Musikaliches Opfer
for flute, violin, cembalo and cello

1. 1st part: Largo 6,15
2. 2nd part: Allegro 6,18
3. 3rd part: Andante 3,04
4. 4th part: Allegro 3,23

1st flute: Peter Lindblom
2nd flute (violin): Mats Rodius
Cembalo.- Ann-Sofie Nordin
Cello: Åsa Lindström

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
Trio in g minor for flute (alto recorder), violin (tenor recorder or oboe), cembalo (klaver). gamba

5. 1st part: Soave ma non adagio 2,13
6. 2nd part: Vivace 1,37
7. 3rd part: Largo 2,24
8. 4th part: Allegro 1,34

1st flute: Peter Lindblom
2nd flute: Mats Rodius
Cembalo: Nils Malmqvist
Cello: Åsa Lindström

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710-1784)
Duet no 5 in Eb from Six duets for two flutes

9. 1st part: Un poco allegro 4,05
10. 2nd part: Largo 5,54
11. 3rd part: Vivace 3.27

1st flute: Peter Lindblom
2nd flute: Mats Rodius

Johannn Joachim Quantz (1697-1773)
Duet no 5 in D from six duets opus 2 for two flutes

12. 1st part: Allegro 3,10
13. 2nd part: Mesto 4,05
14. 3rd part: Allegro di molto 3,25

1st flute: Mats Rodius
2nd flute: Peter Lindblom

The recording made in The Amorina Hall, Sollentuna, 12th of Juiy 1993

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