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Gothenburg was, and is, a town with great cultural life. Many musicians from other countries lived and worked in this Swedish west coast metropol. The most well-known is Bedrich Smetana who even is said to have gotten his inspiration for Ma Vlast during his stay. His music is part of this CD with composers linked to Gothenburg in different ways. Smetana was not the only Bohemian passing the city - Also Jozef Czapek lived there in the mid 1800s.
On this CD musicians from the Gothenburg Opera play music 50, 100 and 150 years old, for strings, viola and piano and for piano solo by the two composers mentioned above and also by Swedes Elfrida Andrée and Hilding Hallnäs.

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David Bergström, Violin
Mattias Johansson, Violin
Bengt Andersson, Viola
Bengt Ersson, Viola
Johanna Fridolfsson, Viola
Lars-Erik Persson, Violoncell
Peter Andersson, Violoncell
Frida Grinne, Double Bass
Mats Larsson, Double Bass
Ingemar Edgren, Piano
Agneta Ågren, Piano

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E Andrée: from "Sommarminnen från Bjurslätt"

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GöteborgsPosten: "(---) All composers have a strong connection to Gothenburg (---) it is very interesting to get to know this music so well performed. "

Borås Tidning: "(---) The two Chechs are real findings! A dark Andante for three violas, two celli and double bass (---) rich in melody and mood is the quintet by Elfrida Andrée while the viola sonata by Hilding Hallnäs shows a more harsch, though tender picture of a Gothenburg where fresh winds re starting to blow. It is a timid but poetical and wellsounding CD viola player Bengt Andersson presents with his collegues from the Gothenburg Opera. "

BTJ: "(---) A great surprise is the 25 minute Sommarminnen by Elfrida Andrée, very enjoyably played. "

Hifi&Musik: "(---) A very cozy CD with the highest artistical value! "

Kammarmusiknytt: "(---) Many fine threads run through these tracks. Good idea, very well done! "


Jozef Czapek:
1.Andante religioso(6´15)
Bedrich Smetana:
2.Erinnerungen an Böhmen(17´37)
Elfrida Andrée:
3.Sommarminnen från Bjurslätt(25´15)
Hilding Hallnäs:
4.Sonata for viola and piano(17´00)
Total time 66´33

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