The Swedish poet/songwriter Erik Winqvist on this very personal, emotional, funny, absurd and touchingly amusing CD presents his new material. Winqvist is unique in the Swedish tradition of outspoken and intimite inviting bards and this collection of songs (It is in Swedish!) brings some very catchy and earwakening poems set to curiously exploring music - it is like Winqvist is sitting in front of you in a stool, making his stories up as you go on together...

Erik Winqvist Song and sopranino saxophone
Hans Glaes Keyboards
Jan Holmgren Clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet
Åke Lännerholm Trombone
Simon Forsman keyboards
Lasse Englund guitar


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Erik Winqvist: En enda kärlek

Erik Winqvist is also available on GASON CD 708 - Evert Taube: Glädje, ångest... och kärleken

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DalaDemokraten: "Erik Winqvist has created an unusual CD. Something very different. A CD where one track can be called Dynga och vallmo (Feces and Poppies) and another Oh vad jag älskar synd (Oh, How I Love Sin). And why not? The titles feel quite natural in the context. Erik Winqvist takes it to the edge, but still keeps it together. In his own way. The CD is divided into 7 parts. First, there is an introduction with the title, “A Happy Meditation about spring. Seven songs signed Erik Winquist and a text by Ferlin.” After this comes Poetens sånger (The Poet’s Songs), consisting of four songs and Peter’s song, all penned by Winquist; then, Standards with Swedish texts by Erik Winquist, followed by a few more sections. Erik Winqvist writes that the Poet’s songs were written for a good poet friend of his. Erik Winqvist himself can also be called a poet. A performance poet. What he does is personal and fun and decidedly thought-provoking. The CD is about something, but what that is can vary from person to person. And what’s wrong with needing to think about it? Erik Winqvist is telling us something, and it is up to us to understand."

Dagen: " This CD contains Swedish folk melodies in the style of Bellman, and some of the tracks, with texts by among others Nils Ferlin, have a spiritual aspect. Some tracks are purely instrumental. Some of the material is not for sensitive ears. The ode to sin is possibly ironic, but to a Christian, it feels deeply repugnant. In this particular case, it doesn’t matter how accomplished the classically trained singer/songwriter happens to be."

Kammarmusiknytt: " This is an odd product from GASON and Erik Winqvist: First a thoughtful booklet text about the aim of the CD and the possible reception of it, then 19 tracks with music and texts by Mr Winqvist and by "The Poet" - maybe also the same author? The direct and personal speaking in the singing that we met on his Taube CD we find also here - a very fine, well fuctioning intimicy."


En glad meditation om våren
(text och musik Erik Winqvist)
1Jag har ett skal runt mitt hjärta
(musik Simon Forsman)
2Dynga och Vallmo 3´24
3En skiva i vitt 2´48
4Det bor en orm ini mig 3´47
5På källaren Fimmelstången
(text Nils Ferlin, musik Erik Winqvist)
6Jag älskar Dig, Mitt hjärta lever
7Som en kupa med surrande bin
Poetens sånger
(text och musik Poeten)
8Allsång eller Han som gör det för pengar 3´49
9Poetens 2dra sång eller Alltihop är vals 2´35
10Poetens visa om döden 2´41
11Poetens visa om livet 4´32
Peters sånger
(text och musik Erik Winqvist)
12Svenska Peters sång 3´09
13Peters frus sång 5´04
14Oh vad jag älskar synd 3´35
(svensk text Erik Winqvist)
15Jag skall bli kär igen (Taking a chance on love) 3´38
16Kär vill jag va (Lets fall in Love) (Koehler/Arle) 2´10
17En enda kärlek (instrumental) 1´22
Poetens hemliga spår
(text Poeten, musik Pease Danks och poeten)
18Poetens 3dje sång eller Pengar och beröm 2´03
(text och musik Erik Winqvist)
19En enda kärlek 1´38
Totaltid: 63´13

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