GASON cd 708 - EVERT TAUBE, Glädje, ångest... och Kärleken

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The Swedish poet/songwriter Evert Taube is a legend, his work is known by all Swedes and the lyrics are sometimes allmost wornout. Here the singer Erik Winqvist takes a new, fresh bite from a great oevre and makes something astonnishing new from the nearly TOO well-known material. Together with keyboardist Hans Glaes and windplayers Jan Holmgren and Åke Lännerholm we are served a totally NEW way of performing the music of Evert Taube (It is in Swedish!) AND as a bonus; a couple of jazzy "Hommages", improvised instrumentals on Taube themes are included on this interesting CD!

Recommended by the Evert Taube Society!
(Check their link, in Swedish, "AKTUELLT")

Erik Winqvist Song and sopranino saxophone
Hans Glaes Keyboards
Jan Holmgren Clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet
Åke Lännerholm Trombone


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Evert Taube: Sommarnatt
(good quality mono)

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Kammarmusik-Nytt: "The CD is like two acts - one dealing with joy of living as a weapon against remourse, and the other about Love in all its shapes. This is both clever and beautiful. Winqvist sings like from the sofa in front of you, it is very unconventionally recorded, with great variation and far from the established performers´ image. This Gason CD is one among the unusual and with great profile!"

Torbjörn Ivarsson/Sveriges Radio P2: "...makes slightly bigger turns than those that have been used by the ordinary Taube interpreter".

The Evert Taube Society: "Recommended!".

Jan-Erik Petterson, Norskviseforum: "There has been released a new CD with melodies by Taube. First impression... what the heck is this??! But Taube is interpreted in a way I never have heard before. The texts are the absolute main focus. The story content is extreamly well put forward. I learn new things in songs I for many years got bored from... If you are not a fanatic, who have to have Taube in the way it always has been, I strongly recommend the CD. It gives you totally new experiences from the lyrics and the instrumentation is discreet - (nothing for lovers of jantisjar orchestra)".


1. Sommarnatt (Kom i min famn...)3´37
2. Oxdragarsång (Allt bakom oxar tio)2´28
3. Här är den sköna sommar2´52
4. Möte i Monsunen5´43
5. Skärgårdsfrun1´44
6. Calle Schewens vals4´20
7. Så länge skutan kan gå2´39
8. Fritiof Anderssons paradmarch4´30
9. Hommage till Taubes glädje2´23
10. Vera i Vintappargränd2´59
11. Fragancia2´52
12. Min älskling Du är som en ros1´18
13. Som stjärnor små2´01
14. Så skimrande var aldrig havet3´29
15. Nocturne3´18
16. Dans på Sunnanö3´36
17. Hommage till Taube och kärleken2´34
18. CD-omslaget som talbok8´41
(Inläsare: Torsten J Arnbro
vid Iris Intermedia AB)
Totaltid: 61´07

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