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Laura Constance Netzel's (1839-1927) compositions were printed under the pseudonym "Lago", although the newspapers already in 1883 wrote that behind the brand hid "a French-inspired composer, who is born Finnish, but married and living in Stockholm".
The anonymity was completely dispelled when the women's magazine Idun 1891 in picture and biography introduced Netzel and printed her “Song at the piano. Säg mig du lille fogel” and “Morgonen”, both to texts by Runeberg.
The Idun article describes Netzel as a pioneer among Swedish female composers and her music was considered to reveal a “male force in submission and preparation ”.

Throughout her life, Netzel was socially active and participated in further charity projects. From 1892 she arranged music soirees for Stockholm's music loving working population. The conservatory students were sent to visit the concerts where Netzel herself conducted choir and orchestra. In Paris she organized similar concerts with the finest French performers, to great enthusiasm among the audience and the press.

This CD presents works for violin, cello and piano and a selection of songs for soprano and piano, with
Victoria Stjerna (violin)
Andreas Lavotha (cello)
Christin Högnabba (Soprano)
Stefan Lindgren (piano)

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Trio d-moll för piano, violin och violoncell op. 78
1 Allegro moderato5'56
2. Andante tranquillo 6'03
3. Allegro decioso 8'50
Preludio e Fughetta för piano, violin & violoncell op. 68
4. Preludio 2'52
5. Fughetta 2'58
Sérénade – Trio för piano, violin och violoncell op. 50
6. Andantino - Animato - Tempo I 7’15
7. Madrigal (Armand Sylvestre) 1'41
8. Voici la brise op.55 (Zari) 1'58
9. Chant du Rossignol (okänd) 2'50
10. Blomman, När sig våren återföder ( J L Runeberg) 2'13
11. Vårsång (Bernhard Elis Malmström) 3'27
Fyra sånger op. 36
12. Slumra,slumra bölja blå (Fjalar) 2'05
13. En dröm (Fjalar) 1'36
14. Morgonstråle (ZachariasTopelius) 3'14
15. En gang,og aldrig mer (okänd) 1'34
16. I natten(Viktor Rydberg) 2'31
17. Det är brännande yrsel i rosornas doft (okänd) 1'31
18. Visa: Säg mig du lilla fogel (J L Runeberg) 2'25
19. Colibri (okänd) 1'48
Tre sånger op. 44
20. Lied (Emanuel Geibel) 2'51
21. Wunsch (Robert Reinick) 2'58
22. Grüss (Heinrich Heine) 1'38
Sånger vid piano med obligat violin op. 22
23. Hvem styrde hit din väg? (J L Runeberg) 3'32
24. Om min tanke långt från gruset (C D af Wirsén) 3'16

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