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Portait CD with Ylva Q Arkvik’s music, which often has a dreamlike dimension. At the same time it is suggestive and frequently exhibits both intense heat and a melancholic atmosphere, all of which can be heard in the feverish and highly charged violin concerto Auspicium – Omen – written for Anna Lindal.

No Comment for alto saxophone and piano is a piece of absolute music. In connection with its conception Ylva Q Arkvik said that everything she wanted to express was in the music. Further comments would not add anything more.

When the Rascher Quartet contacted Ylva Q Arkvik to commission a work for saxophone quartet and orchestra, she was deeply absorbed in working out how to create harmonic circles or spirals that could be used as a starting-point for different harmonic fields. Luxuria is constructed in five parts, conceived as different musical rooms. The harmonies are built up vertically, as chords, and also as melodic lines in several layers where the individual notes of the melody coincide and form chord-like sounds.

Anna Lindal (violin)
Svenska Kammarorkestern
Jonas Dominique
Raschèr Quartet (saxophones)
Johannes Thorell (alto sax)
Magnus Sköld (piano)
Clemens Schuldt (conductor)

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Violin Concerto no 1 - Auspicium
1 Part I Animo18:33
2 Part II Tenebrae3:49
3 Part III Lux7:09
4 Part IV Nebula6:19
5 No Comment8:08
6 Luxuria24:15
 total 76´22

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