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Stefan Säfsten, b. 1955, Stefan Säfsten (b. 1955) is a freelance composer, conductor, pianist and church musician. Has played in various constellations and genres. Church music, chamber music and jazz, gospel and rock. Conducted and led ensembles, orchestras and choirs for all ages in both small and large formats. Säfsten´s previous CD works include: "Living in the World", nosag cd 057, "Freedom for the Prisoners", nosag CD 101, "Words of Realness", nosag CD 163 and nosag CD196 The Way Chose You" with lyrics by former UN Secretary Chief Dag Hammarskjöld and Swedish poet Stig Sidén.

Stefan Säfsten about this CD with piano improvisations:

"If you desire speedy virtuosity, this is hardly the CD for you. Instead of fast paced tempo I prefer to convey the feelings or a picture from inside the music, a wordless quality that speaks to soul and heart. Improvisation is always immediate, here and now, It is not designed to be recorded and repeated - yet I’ve just done that!  It is with great delight and some trepidation that I’ve done this because improvisation is rarely if ever perfect. Improvisation is a snapshot, a tuned in moment - it doesn’t require every tone to be perfect."

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1 Stor är din trofasthet (Sv. Ps. 713) 4’08
Great is Thy faithfulness
Musik: William M. Runyan
2 Fönstret 2’42
The Window
3 Tröttglad 4’27
Tired and Happy
4 Jesus för världen (Sv. Ps. 45) 3’17
I Know That Jesus Died For Our Sake
Musik: F. A. Ekström
5 Kyss grodan 6’08
The Frog Kiss
6 Blomsterflickan 4’27
Flower Girl
7 I skogens djupa stilla ro 2’56
In the deep deep calm of the forest
Dansk folkmelodi
8 Spoon 6’13
9 When I fall in love 2’36
Musik: Edward Heyman/Victor Young
10 Maria 4’30
11 Orgelpipor 5’39
Organ pipes
12 Melankoli 5’59
13 Blott en dag (Sv. Ps. 249) 5’36
Day by Day
Musik: O. Ahnfelt
14 Freedom 2’13
15 Måndagsmorgon 2’57
Monday morning
16 I Guds tystnad (Sv. Ps 522) 5’49
In the Silence of God
Musik: Hernhut efter 1735/Berlin 1786
17 Se jag vill bära ditt budskap, Herre (Sv. ps. 89) 3’03
See, I want to bear your message Lord
Musik: H. Nkounkou 1970
 total 73´57

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