"Music are dreams and memories. When I write, it's about trying to realize a fleeing vision, as if you were imagining a totally obscure landscape briefly illuminated by a bright flash. Everything is clear, sharp. The work with notation, instrumentation, form, and the many other things that belong to the composer's profession - it is a profession and not a call - are actually secondary. All that matters is to capture the fleeing clarity you for a brief second guessed. Sometimes it can take years, even decades, to reach that point. Then the poem is an inspirational support to stick to. The powerful poetry of the Bible and the great poets' images are inexhaustible sources of beauty and wisdom. For me words and tone inextricably belong together. Therefore I prefer writing for the human voice, this wonderful and enigmatic instrument."

Michael Waldenby

Sopran: Maja Frydén
Bas: Jeremy Carpenter
Piano: Majsan Dahling
Stockholms Domkyrkokör

Michael Waldenby, conductor




1. The Wild Swans at Coole (William Butler Yeats) 5:34
2. Poème Basque (Kirmen Uribe) 4:05
3. Kristinas aforismer (Christina Regina) 8:08
4. Långlivad ålderdom (Anders Österling) 2:35
5. Omnes de Saba venient 2:12
6. Quemadmodum desiderat cervus ad fontes aquarum 2:05
7. Corona vitae 2:06
8. Fiat lux 3:18
9. Äolsharfen (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) 7:35
10. Ira agni (Uppenbarelseboken) 9:50
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