The amazing cross-over group Trio Pránky - Kinga Práda, flute, Emese Jánky, cello and Zsolt Jánky - an a classical flutist and a film music cellist match a rock drummer ~ and what to play for an ensemble like this? Is it a ”Mission Impossible” or is it possible to meet over the borders of genres and styles and create new music? Trio Pránky has the answer and toured with it for several seasons. Join them!

This DVD captures the LIVE performance of the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE TOUR that presented several seasons
to many an enthusiastic audience!
This LIVE concert is hosted (English subtitles) by Swedish composer Stellan Sagvik.

Sagvik: Xover


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1 0'50 Welcome to this Impossible Mission (Host Stellan Sagvik)
2 2'19 Mission Impossible Theme (Lalo Shifrin/arr Sagvik)
3 8'50 Barocko #5 (J.S. Bach/arr Sagvik)
4 6'50 The Bewildered Music Box (Martin Larson)
5 7'36 Så som det susar i säven (Karin Höghielm)
6 7'25 Xover (Stellan Sagvik)
7 6'24 Passion (Payton MacDonald)
8 9'24 Folklore set (trad/arr Sagvik)
9 5'00 Spain (Joaquin Rodrigo/Chick Corea/arr Sagvik)
10 2'00 Billie Jean (Michael Jackson/arr Sagvik)
  durata 68'19
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