Stockholm Brass Quintet was formed in the summer of 2010. The quintet consists of five musicians who normally play in various orchestras in Scandinavia. The quintet has implemented various projects and is now presenting this debut album, Infrastructure.

THE IDEA BEHIND THIS RECORDING grew out of the lack of recordings of Swedish composer Bo Nilssons (b. 1937) three works for brass quintet, Amatista per madre Tua Maria, Infrastruktur and Carte Postale Sten Frykberg. These are pieces with great originality and beauty that Stockholm Brass Quintet is very proud to present to you in the form of this CD.

The music of Jesper Nordin (b. 1971), with its powerful emotional impact and traces of traditional Swedish folk music, rock music and improvised music, is broadcast and performed throughout the world. His piece Jublet is the glue between the Bo Nilsson music.


Axel Sjöstedt, Trumpet
John Axelsson, Trumpet
Mats Agnelid, Trombone
Johan Ahlin, French Horn
Karl-Johan Elf, Tuba

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Nilsson: Wendepunkt


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Bo Nilsson: Infrastruktur
    Wendepunkt 3.57
    Endepunkt 2.16
    Infrastruktur 4.53
Jesper Nordin: Jublet 4.13
Bo Nilsson: Amatista per madre Tua Maria 9.48
Bo Nilsson:Carte Postale Sten Frykberg 4.18
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