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Staffan Björklund’s output is copious and varied, ranging from chamber music to oratorios and music drama, but works for organ and piano represent the core of his activity. Peaks of his achievement include the two suites Dialogues pour piano seul (1991) and Modulationer (1999), preceded among other things by four piano sonatas. In performances of his own music he has shown himself to be an outstanding musician and instrumentalist.

Although clearly related to one another, the suites (both in twelve movements) bring out different sides of his nature and thinking. The dialogues have a much freer, extempore imagination of form, while the movements of Modulationer are more disciplined. At the centre of things is an expansive, colourful and often explosively charged harmony. The linear process, melody and polyphony are also lavishly constructed. Both works rank among the foremost achievements of Swedish piano music and have more in common with both French and Russian music (Messiaen, Skryabin) than with Swedish and German tradition.

In a number of works he harks back to the music of earlier periods, e.g. to the Baroque master Dandrieu (Homage à Dandrieu). Björklund has also composed operas: Oratorium över Carl Fredrik Hill, 1981 (libretto by Lars Norén), Prins Hatt under jorden, 1988 (libretto by Sven Smedberg) and Mästerkatten, 1995 (Libretto by Lennart Hellsing). Melodic fluency and alternation between stern technical discipline and an air of improvisation are among the characteristics of his tonal language.

Staffan Björklund on nosag previously released the album Dialogues pour piano seul (nosag CD 044), and the double CD 12 Modulationen, Palindrom und Reminiszenzen (nosag CD 2090)

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Björklund: Fragment 3 Hesitando (tempo irregolario e barcollando a là T. Monk)

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CONTENTS: Fragmente und Hymnus

  CD 1: (42´58)  
1 Fragment 1 Maestoso e sostenuto 4´44
2 Fragment 2 Andante (9/11 In memoriam*) 10´33
3 Fragment 3 Hesitando (tempo irregolario e barcollando a là T. Monk) 3´55
4 Fragment 4 Grave e sost. 6´54
5 Fragment 5 Non troppo allegro 3´44
6 Fragment 6 Lento molto 7´30
7 Fragment 7 Andantino (poco fluente) 5´33
  CD 2: (42´01)  
1 Fragment 8 Quasi andante, rubato a piacere 6´38
2 Fragment 9 Presto tempestuoso 6´17
3 Fragment 10 Prestissimo precipitando 3´43
4 Fragment 11 Adagio molto 5´19
5 Fragment 12 Poco lento 7´04
6 Hymnus Andante molto e solenne 12´56
    durata 84´59
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