This CD presenting songs by Finnish composers Selim Palmgren, Armas Järnefelt and Oskar Merikanto, with words by Swedish speaking poets from Sweden and Finland. Christin Högnabba here presents her second CD with Finish songs together with pianist Stefan Lindgren. The first is nosagCD202 Bortom fjärdens våg.

Christin Högnabba grew up in the Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia in Finland and completed her music education at the Sibelius Academy and Stockholm Opera Studio. She has participated in opera productions in Finland and in Sweden and portrayed roles as Marguerite in Faust / Gonoud, the Elettra Idomeneo / Mozart, the title role in Alcina / Handel, Adina in Elisir / Donizetti, also newly written works as creating Sharon Pritchard in Olov Olofsson's Bridgend Opera Blues, Paulipupu in children Opera Punahilkka by Vakkilainen. She has also sung solo parts in works such as St Matthew Passion / Bach, Messiah / Handel; Das Sühnopfers des neues Bundes / Loewe (Finnish premiered.), Exsultate, Jubilate / Mozart, Stabat Mater / Pergolesi, Petite Messe Solenelle / Rossini, Dark Light (Requiem) / Wikman (premiere), a.o.

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Selim Palmgren: Liljekonvalje


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Armas Järnefelt:
1. 3’14 Vårdroppen
2. 2’31 Du
3. 1’51 Tretton år
4. 3’11 Du är sol, du är vår
5. 2’22 En spel och dansvisa
6. 2’27 En visa
7. 2’41 Carmen
8. 3’25 Skymning
9. 1’46 Vågsång
10. 2’19 Nocturne
11. 3’34 En drömmares sång till livet
12. 2’53 Berceuse

Selim Palmgren:
13. 2’24 Til staevnemöde
14. 1’49 Tidlig morgen
15. 3’57 Juninat
16. 1’17 Jeg synes jeg selv må stråle
17. 1’48 Hjertesorg
18. 2’11 Liljekonvalje
19. 2’41 Drömvisa
20. 2’07 Så sakta ringde klockorna
21. 1’47 Sjung, sjung brusande våg
22. 2’02 En moders farväl
23. 2’13 Tonen

Oskar Merikanto:
24. 2’15 En barnsaga vid brasan
25. 1’31 Sommarmorgon i skogen
26. 1’16 Visa i väntan
27. 2’02 Skogsdufvors toner
28. 1’29 Wallflickan
29. 2’44 En skymningsvisa
30. 1’28 Jag drömde en gång
31. 2’27 Sorgens makt
32. 3’08 Gamla Maja
Total durata: 75'07
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