The young organ virtuoso Marcus Torén plays the historically interesting old Marcussen organ in Skänninge church in Sweden:
The Skänninge Organ’s case and around ten of its stops originate from the church’s earlier organ which was built during 1769-1772 by Lars Wahlberg and Anders Wolander, from Wimmerby. That organ had 21 stops divided between one manual and the pedals. The installation of the current organ (1938-1939) by Marcussen & Søn, Aabenraa, Denmark, was carried out under the leadership of Sybrand Zachariassen. The new organ had 34 stops, 3 manuals and a pedal board and a Rückpositiv was added. In 2006 the organ was renovated by Robert Gustavsson Orgelbyggeri AB, Härnösand.

Marcus Torén is active as a teacher in organ and harmony at the church music college of Geijerskolan in Sweden. He is also the organist at Björkvik church, Sweden. Marcus Torén gives concerts in Europe and USA and has appeared on the radio in several countries. Previous recordings by Marcus Torén have been published by IFO-Records, Priory-Records and nosag records.

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Hindemith: Sonate II: Lebhaft

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Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)
Sonate I (1937)
1 I Mäßig schnell – Lebhaft 07:45
2 II Sehr langsam – Phantasie, frei – Ruhig bewegt 10:28
Sonate II (1937)
3 I Lebhaft 04:20
4 II Ruhig bewegt 03:46
5 III Fuge. Mäßig bewegt, heiter 03:01
Sonate III über alte Volkslieder (1940)
6 I Ach Gott, wem soll ich’s klagen 03:58
7 II Wach auf, mein Hort 02:54
8 III So wünsch ich ihr 02:28
Johann Nepomuk David (1895-1977)
Fantasie und Fuge in C dur (1935)
9 Fantasie 04:07
10 Fuge 04:03
Hugo Distler (1908-1942)
Orgelsonate (trio), op. 18/II (1939)
11 1. Satz 04:10
12 2. Satz 02:19
13 3. Satz 04:32
Hermann Schroeder (1904-1984)
Kleine Präludien und Intermezzi, Werk 9 (1932)
14 1 Maestoso 01:41
15 2 Andante sostenuto 02:31
16 3 Allegro moderato 01:43
17 4 Allegretto 01:27
18 5 Andantino 02:01
19 6 Poco vivace 01:42
durata 69:03
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