nosagcd 204 - KARIN HÖGHIELM - RAUK

Composer / musician / singer in her very own genre - Karin Höghielm - presents three works;

RAUK, a setting for soloist (Karin Höghielm), chorus (Östgöta Chamber Choir) and intrumental ensemble (Östgöta Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Hans Lundgren) of the old viking age text written with runes from Rökstenen, a stone found in the small village of Rök in mid Sweden, very well preserved and one of the longest surviving texts in ancient Nordic language;

LAU I & II, based on improvisations together with Martin Larson in the acoustically rare Lau Church on the Swedish island of Gotland (9-second reverberation in the old stone church); two meditations created, with voices, percussion instruments like clang stones, bells, Viking sounds like those from wind tumblers and hummers and only the church room's own natural downmixing - distance from and direction to a single stereo microphone. Fascinating meditative and suggestive! The CD is packed in DVD case due to the shape of the beautiful illustrations.

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Karin Höghielm: from "RAUK"
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1.Lau I18’04
3.Lau II22’15
Total durata: 58’40
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